Starecta Appliance


Appliance History

Through the refinement of splint therapy, Moreno Conte developed the Rectifier appliance / splint with the intention of correcting asymmetry in the skull, bone, and muscles. The Rectifier appliance is inserted between the molar teeth, which changes the occlusion of the bite. The body adjusts to this change in occlusion, and the Rectifier is adjusted periodically to register a new occlusion. There have been two major releases of the Starecta Rectifier; The first model required the use of drills to adjust the appliance, while the current model is made of thermal plastics which can be reshaped after warm water treatment.

Device Mechanics and Procedures

The Rectifier is a titanium loop with thermal plastics at the molars that are used as a splint between teeth. The device is placed in hot water until the plastics become pliable, at which point the user stands with good posture and bites down upon the plastics until they cool and solidify. The top and bottom molar teeth / jaw pattern is now registered into the plastic of the Rectifier splint, and the device can be inserted or removed by clipping onto the top and bottom molars. The splint between the molars increases the height of the bite, which will change how the skull and spine rest when the jaws and brought together.

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