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Orthotropics is a relatively new field of medical science developed by Professor John Mew and Doctor Mike Mew. 

Orthotropics is derived from the Greek words Orthos (Straight or Correct) and Tropos (Growth). It describes the guidance of facial growth in a horizontal or forward direction. Today, the majority of people in the Western world have malocclusion of the teeth or jaws – requiring braces, extractions, or jaw surgery. Orthotropics proposes that this is not due to only genetic factors, but a combination of problems such as lowered tongue posture, soft diets and incorrect swallowing patterns.​

The central Orthotropics premise is to try and affect the development of the jaws to be able to house the teeth, rather than manipulating the teeth to fit into smaller, vertically grown jaws. Mewing refers to the ways in which Mike Mew believes that this can be achieved. Namely, through correct tongue posture and swallowing, as well as mastication, or hard chewing.

The improper development of the jaws and surrounding skull structure has been termed craniofacial dystrophy. In the experience of practitioners, Orthotropics is most effective during the growth phases of youth, the younger the better. 

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