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Transcript of Questions from Forum members submitted for this video:

User: Irmathurma

Hi Mike!
Have you had success treating patients who have been messed up by previous dental work? I’ve had two extractions and am very concerned that I will be unable to expand my mouth out since maybe my body won’t allow large gaps between teeth?
Will I 100% need implants to replace my 2 missing eye teeth or can I correct it myself with tongue posture and growth?

User: Problems322

Hi Dr. Mew,
I am a 21 years old female and I live on the west coast of the United States.
Undergone regular orthodontic treatment and my face is still very asymmetrical.
Still theoretically possible to completely correct this asymmetry at my age using the biobloc system? Have not had any extractions.

User: Dadfa

Is there such a thing as wisdom teeth implants?

User: Amber12

In your case experience, what are the first things to begin changing? Do people’s faces move towards more symmetry first before they begin to move up and forward? I’m much more symmetrical now, but I’m still waiting to see my midface come up

User: Cassius

Thank you Doctor Mew for the great job.
Do you think there is any correlation between malocclusion and depression?
How seriously sleep apnea is damaging people’s brain?
What about feet and sleep position to grow a healthy face? Walking barefoot and sleeping on back could be the best therapy?

User: Abdul
1. What is the difference between the Hybrid appliance and the Biobloc appliance?
2. What is the difference between the various Biobloc appliances (stages 1,2 and 3)?
3. What is the benefit of using the Alf system to expand the arch versus using advanced braces such as the Damon system?

User: Zero

Thanks for doing this Mike.
I have a question regarding this practice:
Dr Honor Franklin seems to agree with your thinking with regard to tongue and lip posture
She practices Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy “Achieving a correct resting posture of the tongue, lips, jaw and face is the primary goal of OMT.”
pictures from patients she has treated here:
The picture I’ve attached is of a woman in her 30s who has definitely achieved forward growth to great aesthetic effect.

My question is; are you aware of Dr Franklins work? Both of you working together could be mutually beneficial
User: MewingWorks

Hi Doctor Mew, I’ve been fixing my posture in this and other ways for about a year and a half and I can vouch personally for results in 20 year olds.

When is Mewing going mainstream? These are health issues and should be covered by insurance.

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