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Welcome to the Whole Body Breathing Course

The course is currently divided evenly between theory and practice.

Within the Meta module is a course update log (there will be frequent updates in the coming weeks) and a disclaimer which you must review before using the course material.

In the first module: First steps in Breathing with the Whole Body, we are intensely cultivating body, emotional, and energy awareness. It will catch beginners quickly up to speed. However, even if you are advanced, you will greatly benefit from the guided sessions in this module. Featuring guest instructor Yumi Mach to deepen your emotional releasing.

In the second module: Deepening the Breath – Understanding and Using the Structure of the Body, we go deep into the theory which drives Whole Body Breathing.

In the third module: Waking Up Whole Body Breathing, I guide you through a series of sessions as if we were working 1 on 1.

The course will continue to be updated with items that did not make this release window.

Course / Theory Overview: