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Please help, I'm new; Should I remove a tooth? Also, I can't mew.

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15.5 M

I don't remember the details exactly, but here's my "story":

I couldn't breath through my nose so my adenoids were removed. It's still very difficult to breath through one of my nostrils; I got suggested surgery when I'm older and my bones are in place.

Around 2 years ago (at ~13.5) my dentist put in a palate expander. My mom says he said my Laterals (side incisors) wouldn't come in otherwise. 6 months ago (at ~15), I got sent to an orthodontist. I got a palate expander (mom cranked it everyday for some time), and later a "bottom jaw expander" and braces for top and bottom.

Also, my baby right canine never got out, and the adult one is not aligned properly*. Very soon I'm supposed to have a minor surgery where they remove/extract the baby canine and pull in the adult one. I've heard extractions are bad but that only refers to extracting permanent teeth, right? So anyway, is it a good idea?

P.S. I can't mew because the palate expander is in-between my tongue and my palate. Thoughts?

*Edit: it's kind of diagonal, not vertical as it should be so it can't come in

Edit 2: profile pics

Edit 3: Is it just me, or do the iphone and computer pics look really different?


Edit 4: Just so I know how dumb I should feel, how big would the difference be between starting to mew at 15.5 and 15.25? I sorta heard of it then but didn't really do anything. :/ I guess the tooth extraction is what finally pushed me further. Also, where can I find the basics? Do you recommend trying to convince parents to remove expanders and braces?

Topic starter Posted : 18/07/2019 11:45 pm
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Removal of baby teeth is fine.  This sounds necessary in your case.  In fact, in some countries they pull loose baby teeth so the adult come in straight.  I don't like that usually, since it doesn't allow for the full ridge of the bone to be wide enough, IMO.  It depends on how close it is to coming out.  In your case, you're behind schedule so it should be helpful to bring the other down.

What type of palatal expander do you have?  Photos?  For now, I wouldn't Mew.  As the palate is highly susceptible to positioning changes during palatal expansion... it could have unintended consequences.  However, Dr. Derek Mahony does have his patients do tongue exercises... but I cannot ascertain when.  I would be highly dubious and down-right surprised if he had them do it during actively turning!  See here:   If you email him, surely he'll answer.  Anyway, I suggest doing what your ortho says to do.  They have a hard time with unpredictable variables... However, at the same time, depending on what type of palatal expander you're using and its effectiveness, it would be interesting to learn more on what's going on.  Some expanders V the palate and that isn't great for anterior nasal breathing... however, that's more of an issue when the expander is on the far back tooth only and the patient is older and the front part doesn't get a gap.  I've seen this lead to nasal breathing.  That's the only thing I'd watch for.

Posted : 21/07/2019 10:20 am