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Could i use a lower jaw expander along with MSE, Current age 14

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hello everyone i have a narrow palate. With a class 2 ,division 1 macclusion. i have been in the mewing community for about 8 months. I have recently stummbled upon palatal expanders and heard that they can speed up the mewing proccess durasticley speically in younger folks such as myself. I decided to do further research palatal expansion and found out that among these palatal expander the best one by far is the MSE appliance. Knowing this fact i did research to try to find MSE providers in my area i thankfully found one. Then i got hit with something.  If i expand the upper jaw how will i expand the lower jaw. I did some further research and found out that when expanding the upper jaw apperantly the lower jaw expands as well. I was and still am skeptical of this, but i still kinda believe it but i want to have a back up plan just incase this dosnt go according to plan. The first logical idea that comes to mind is expand the lower jaw with a lower jaw expander. But i am not entirely sure how it works or even if i can change the skeletal structure of my lower basal bone. SO IF YOU GUYSS COULD PLLLLEEEAASE TELL ME if i should use a lower jaw expander. also i am not interested in surgery or sfot these are to invasive.

Topic starter Posted : 23/06/2020 3:53 pm
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You don't need it drilled into your bone.  MSE entails this.  Palatal Expander is different.  If your intermolar width is not bad, you can get by with braces just fine.  It seems you are careful and researched, which is great!  Congrats.  However, you want to just go get a few consults with orthodontists and see what they say unprompted.  A big factor to choosing one is that if an orthodontist has a recessed chin, then they don't really see it as so much a problem and in fact create a more retrognathic chin on their patients.  If you go to an orthodontist with about 12+ years experience, they've become pretty adept at making their patients look like themselves.  This goes to everything from the width of the smile to the size of the head, to the length of the head, to the advancement of the chin, to the angulation of the face, intrusion/extrusion of teeth, maxillary position, to cheekbones to you name it.  These guys are a vain as you can imagine.  They want to turn their patients into little clones.  So...find someone you think looks handsome.  Trust your gut - not Dr. Mew's stunted faces.  The maxillas are just too high and create problems of sorts.  Trust your gut.  Don't worry about Mewing.  It was a ton of work to get this useful info.  You're welcome!  (FYI - lower Schwartz type or SLDA or face-pulling all expand lower.  But Holy Cow - you're 14!  You won't need to worry about this.  Braces should be just fine anyway.)

Posted : 14/11/2020 3:18 am