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Could i use a lower jaw expander along with MSE, Current age 14  

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hello everyone i have a narrow palate. With a class 2 ,division 1 macclusion. i have been in the mewing community for about 8 months. I have recently stummbled upon palatal expanders and heard that they can speed up the mewing proccess durasticley speically in younger folks such as myself. I decided to do further research palatal expansion and found out that among these palatal expander the best one by far is the MSE appliance. Knowing this fact i did research to try to find MSE providers in my area i thankfully found one. Then i got hit with something.  If i expand the upper jaw how will i expand the lower jaw. I did some further research and found out that when expanding the upper jaw apperantly the lower jaw expands as well. I was and still am skeptical of this, but i still kinda believe it but i want to have a back up plan just incase this dosnt go according to plan. The first logical idea that comes to mind is expand the lower jaw with a lower jaw expander. But i am not entirely sure how it works or even if i can change the skeletal structure of my lower basal bone. SO IF YOU GUYSS COULD PLLLLEEEAASE TELL ME if i should use a lower jaw expander. also i am not interested in surgery or sfot these are to invasive.

Posted : 23/06/2020 3:53 pm