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Your face will change.... well actually is changing right now.  

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Hi all, my name is Francisca from Spain
I just wanna share whit you this article and some of my thoughts about it.

First, i really feel the need to apologize for my english, hope you can understand anyway what i've wrote.

Here is the article.

I know that a single study has, scientifically speaking a very low value (if no value at all), but at least it's something.

Wanna know what you think about it.

In particular look at the section "Skeletal changes" and "Conclusion"

Since the article state that previous studies (without citing them) has found no changes in skeletal cephalometric, just a couple of scenarios came to my mind.

1 One of the "two" studies is wrong: They don't have taken something in to account or.... I don know, the history is full of poorly conducted studies.
2 Skeletal changes happen only in some people and the degree of changes vary greatly from person to person.

This to me explain why I see some people face change from 20-25 yo to 45-50. In some cases I saw face getting longer in others getting wider and in other they pretty
much stay the same.

Jared Leto and Keanu Revees are 2 example of slightly elongated faces between the age of 20-25 to the age of 40-45 whereas Di Caprio is a well-known example of
widening face.

So despite your oral posture your face will widen, elongate or remain the same.

I would be happy to know your opinion about it.

Another thing that came to my mind is that the hormonal levels play really a crucial part in this "growth after puberty", and it stops when usually all hormones
involved in bone growth are very low.

Some of the "bone growht hormones" are: testosterone, hgh, estradiol, pth, calcitriol and others that at the moment i don't remember.
Calcitriol is the vitamin D hormone, is the only one we can control without potentially damage our body.

With that I don't wanna encourage you to take vitamin D, a single hormone is probably (if not for sure) useless without the others and without the interaction between

Sadly hormonal levels are a genetic factor that we can't control safely.

I wanna point out that the article talk about "bone growth" and not bone remodeling.

If the oral posture theory is correct we can expect great result from bone growth and bone remodeling combined also in adults, but again the amount of changes may vary
from person to person: some can experience growth + remodeling some just remodeling e some no changes at all.

Curious to know your thoughts about it.


Posted : 27/11/2018 12:36 am
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a face can widen also due to increase in body fat, i think oral posture is not so different to weight training, some people get great results in few months, others get poor results or no results at all in years, very subjective.

Posted : 27/11/2018 3:11 pm
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From the age of 25-40, my philtrum has noticeably lengthened. The difference when I compare photographs shocks me - my face is longer. Could it be that my maxilla has dropped over that time period? If so, how? Also, I'm pretty sure my cheekbones have gotten bigger and more prominent in the same time period. 

Posted : 27/11/2018 6:01 pm
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The Philtrum lengthening it's probably linked whit the lips shrinking that occurs after the age of 30.
The changes are subtle from year to year and then, one day, you wake up with smaller lips and longer philtrum. Lip shrinking and the consequent appear of the philtrum
lengthening is a fact, (just look in the article under "soft tissue changes" to see that multiple study confirm that) but as everything it hit differently different

Also other soft tissue tend to become saggier as we age, this can visually result in a perceived lengthening of the face but that doesn't necessarily mean that you
had experienced any skeletal changes.

The increased prominence of your cheekbones could be related to the aging process too, where again after the age of 30 a drastic redistribution of the fat
around your face happen. The fat surrounding your upper cheeks disappear leaving you whit more bones exposure and this giving you the impression of some kind of cheekbones growth.

To me those are the main reasons for those perceived elongation in faces, but as the study sad a role could be played also by skeletal changes.

To stop or to slow down the soft tissue to drop down even more there are the so called "face exercises" or "face yoga" where you can find also some exercises to
enhance your lips volume.
Face exercises if done constantly and correctly have proven to be effectively on slowing down the "aging process" and are some time recommended even from plastic
surgeon and orthodontist to enhance and maintain their final work.

For referance

For the skeletal changes now we have oral posture. We are not sure if those skeletal changes after puberty really happen as we are not sure if good oral posture work,
we just have some evidence that bad oral posture probably lead to teeth and skeletal imbalance.

I think we're all here to discover if all of this is true and i think that whit enough objectivity and constancy we will solve the puzzle... after all this is our
Great Work.

Hope this help you


Posted : 27/11/2018 7:57 pm