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Would MSE help me develop my maxilla?

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I’m Jo and I’m 22 years old and before getting into this topic I really just want to give a background on my orthodontist treatment. 
Well like anybody I had to get braces cause I needed to but before getting braces I needed to extract teeth. As a kid, I thought this was wrong cause I never had problems with my teeth and now the orthodontist was saying I had extra teeth and the can’t start my treatment cause they won’t be any space. Idk which teeth they took but I can assume this is a standard procedure.

When my braces were removed they only focused on giving me straight teeth which gave me a narrow smile. Now my bottom teeth are crooked most likely because of my nail-biting habit which I don’t do anymore and my smile is narrow.

I have some breathing problems, it was worse when I got into highs school I felt out of breath so I used my mouth to gasp for air. I still have it but generally speaking, I use my nose to breath. But now that I am 22 I noticed my face hasn’t grown right. I’m planning on doing MSE expansion my upper palate but before that, I want to get second thoughts on other treatments. I will attach images of myself, I’m very self-conscious of my face so take it easy on me.

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Topic starter Posted : 06/11/2019 3:57 pm