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Why you should push the tongue forward (for vaulted bros)

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Copy paste from my comment on r/Orthotropics

"Yeah it would be hard to make an appliance to match the tongue, while the tongue can do multiple things at once most appliances are one dimensional, Ronald Ead makes this point as well. With AGGA for example, it can only achieve forward maxillary expansion. With MSE it can only achieve lateral expansion. With a facepulling mask like the bow appliance it can only move the maxilla forward. The tongue can do all those things in addition to upswinging and rotating the maxilla.

Something that's been on my mind as I was reminded by the image you've linked, the tongue grows the maxilla, as the eyes grow the orbit, and the brain grows the cranium. The tongue grows in all dimensions, length and width, we focus a lot on lateral expansion but if the tongue isn't on the roof of the mouth, that should mean not only is the maxilla lacking in lateral expansion but forward expansion as well. A lot of people think that it isn't new bone growth we're trying to achieve, rather, it's bone remodeling, ie, the maxilla just remodels to another position while maintaining it's size. I believe that's true, however, I believe we're also lacking in actual size of the maxilla and in that case we need bone growth. I think people's maxillas are not only recessed and downswung, but not big enough to house the tongue in all dimensions, laterally and forward.

AGGA achieves only one dimension of this expansion, this gets on to my point, I think the tongue can do the same thing AGGA can. Many people have vaulted palates and I think part of the reason is as I explained before, the tongue isn't doing it's job to grow the maxilla in all dimensions. To fix a vaulted palate I think you need to push the tongue forwards as well in addition to expanding laterally. Mike Mew has an interesting video that illustrates the difference between two skulls and their maxillas/palates, you'll see that the first skull is vaulted while the second one is flat. If someone is the first skull (like myself) they probably have to push the tongue against the vaulted areas to achieve expansion in all dimensions.

Here's an image to show what I mean. In contrast this palate does not have any signs of a vault and is flat, the palate is perfectly fit for the tongue."

Topic starter Posted : 03/07/2019 7:24 pm