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Which retainer or applience should i use as handle for facepuller?  

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title asks,

the plastic ones are suck because i can't keep teeth together with it and also didn't kept my teeth together for whole life and i needed to get braces, also it caused downswung.

the one fit on the palate is also suck because i can't keep my tongue on roof at all

should i choose second option because it's already facepuller i guess i don't need to hold my tongue on roof maybe?

PS : fun fact my orthodontist said tongue's resting place is not palate, it's just google bullshit and people develop ideal faces with any rest. LOL. (actually depends on what we call ideal, if as normal yes, but ofc it's alot lesser than the skull's genentic potential.


i'm going to create this type of appliance face mask with kricket helmet and banded from premolars.


Posted : 04/07/2020 4:08 pm
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Posted by: @nek23

people develop ideal faces with any rest

It's odd how most orthodontists or dental professionals in general who hand wave all this stuff away are usually unattractive themselves and any reference to your own defects would just be interpreted as you being "vain". Posture explains changes, but lately I've been wondering about people who evidently have good facial structure from birth. One example I've been very curious about for years is Jessa Duggar (from the show 19 Kids and Counting) - out of 19 kids, she's the only one with model-tier facial development and all 3 of her own kids were born with very forward faces. None of the kids that her noticeably less attractive siblings have were born with a forward face either. How would such a thing be possible since her parents weren't good looking? It seems unlikely she was simply raised differently than the others, since she was the 4th or 5th born.

Posted : 05/07/2020 4:17 am