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What looks beautiful? This is deep.  

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Posted : 07/11/2018 2:51 pm
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Pretty much. Mixed genetics is the future as it weeds out the worse traits/features of either person. The less developed a person is the less inviting they are for people with traits similar to their own as their subconscious perceives this as a threat to the health of themselves and to their future children. Developed individuals are more open as they have greater expression of health/biomarkers to offset their genetic weaknesses.


Posted : 07/11/2018 3:52 pm
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I think with mate selection (in countries where women are more free to make their own decisions there) it's more about whatever people happen to value that mainly influences the decision. How you make them feel also matters. I'm a tall woman and all men that courted me (who were also tall) told me they wanted tall children, and seemed genuine about it, which surprised me because I'd always thought of being tall as a mark against me. Then the shock of my life, my husband who is just a little taller than me (and very good looking, like a model when we met) also said he appreciated my height the most of all my features. Anyway moral of the story, assortative mating pattern is also common and our deemed bad traits might be sought after by even high value mates.

Orthodontics can make faces and my mom did get braces put on me with the intent of making me a model, but I let her down (for having dreams of my own) which damaged our relationship beyond repair. I think it's good to want to aim high with our children and don't want to be that person who says "be realistic" because I know parents do actually put braces in their children to help get them in to modelling, this is an actual practice. But it's also important to give space for the dreams the child has no matter how much money and time invested in their teeth etc and your own dreams for them. This is the dark side to doing all this work for our children.

Airway health and beauty do seem to go hand in hand, and I've begun to think the key for optimal breathing and placement of the tongue is to have the soft palate drop down so engaging the posterior part of the tongue is constant and effortless. When this happened for me, my maxilla finally began to rotate up quite a bit. My husband who still has a beautiful face also has this feature and his mew line score is 39mm, never snores etc.

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Posted : 07/11/2018 8:06 pm
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With the amount of looksmatched couples I have seen I disagree. People tend to pick mates who are similar to them. To the point many couples look like brother and sister.

For me, I have a narrow face. Less narrow since IMW expansion but still a "tall" face. I have ALWAYS preferred tall faced women. Round baby faced overly neotenic I don't find very appealing even if that is what female models tend to have most of the time.

I usually liked robust women with features like sloped foreheads, strong chins, and long noses. Why? Because these women have features I value as attractive given they are familiar to me. My family has what some may call "high class" or "refined"features (basically a nicer way of saying our faces are long and aged). 

Meryl Streep in her prime (early adult life) wouldn't look like a typical model. But she also had a refined elegance that accentuated her beauty. But her features always looked aged. Her face was downward grown and narrower even in youth. Her nose shape pointed down and overall she had a tall face. Contrast her with round faced Gigi Hadid who has more of an innocent youthful look due to her rounder face.

Anyway the point I am making is I personally don't go for certain looks just because they are popular. Based on many coupled with similar facial structures I would say most agree OR it just so happens that it is easier to attract someone when you look like them.

I will add to your point about coloring, however. Most women I have dated had blue eyes even if everything else about them was similar to my face. I have coarse features and go for the same (strong forehead slope, long thin nose, strong chin, big teeth, long philtrum, tall face) and I have dark brown hair and my eyes are so dark brown they are almost black (coffee colored). So the women I have dated have these features (more feminine versions obviously) even with the same hair color, but they usually have blue eyes. Come to think of it though most of these features do accompany blue eyes as brown eyed people I find are incredibly neotenous most of the time and I am not one of them. Blue eyes IMO tend to accommodate robust features more often. Maybe a cold weather adaptation?  

Edit: I just googled Lily James as she plays young Meryl Streep . Her features are similar but her face isn't super tall. That said her Mew line score and maxilla development looks out of this (Western) world. But that facial shortening makes a big difference. James could be a model with her facial development IMO. Better facial development from a modeling and health perspective than Meryl Streep but yet I still find young Meryl Streep more appealing. *shrugs* That said a good maxilla will never make anyone unattractive (that I have seen). Just not *my* make or break. After all I had poor maxillary development most of my life and some midface hypoplasia but I assumed this was just normal. 

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Posted : 08/11/2018 12:11 pm
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People absolutely do not tend to go for people who look different from them. There is a reason why there are distinguishable races everywhere. People are almost always attracted to their own kind and more specifically, people who share positive, common features.

Posted : 08/11/2018 1:35 pm
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But the thing is that a small chin may not be a defect. Also, lots of small chinned people value small chins. It depends if they see it as a defect. Some women I know have weak chins and the men they like also have weak chins. If you view your own features as valuable you will see them as appealing on who attracts you. 

Some girls on this forum and guys don't like sloping foreheads. I personally think they look refined and high class. I have a sloping forehead and I really like this feature on myself. Same with my long nose and tall face. But I can also see why some people value more feminine features like small mandibles and flatter foreheads as these features are more youthful and "cute". I can recognize these are popular for a reason but I also recognize that current trends don't have to affect my own choices. 

Also, one thing I notice is that certain people in given locations have less pronounced sexual dimorphism so it makes sense that couples will look alike anyway .

Posted : 09/11/2018 2:50 pm

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