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What elongates the philtrum?  

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I heard of mouthtaping doing this and I'm wondering what else does this. I could be doing some of these things without knowing it.

Posted : 11/02/2019 11:18 pm
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Okay, I'm going to have a little fun with this answer... because if I tell you what NOT to do... it's like saying to not think of a pink elephant.  You're going to think of it, and you'll want to name it, pet it and take it home with you.. but your landlord wouldn't approve!

Top 3 ways to lengthen your philtrum:

French kiss a giraffe.
Watch this video
Subsribe to this guy:

Now seriously....
Taping the lips together can and does lengthen this over time... especially if you have a nightmare and try to scream for help.

Myofunctional therapy. There are specific exercises that will do this. PM me for details. Following along to the first video you find out there by the most reputable myofunctional therapists around... by Audrey Yoon... did this. I would also stay away from any myofunctional therapist who has a long philtrum. This includes Sarah Hornsby. They're all smoking crack.* When it doubt, toss it out. Sorry!

Lip tie release - you get what you pay for. 😉

Speaking with a DNA appliance in that has acrylic between the teeth. Same for anything else with stuff between the teeth. The b, m, p sounds will do this.. So, if you really must call for help... just leave off the p, in case. 😉

Forcing your kids to chew with their mouth closed I'm undecided on. My knee-jerk reaction is to say that is not good to force them to do that. However, I know some parents do that anyway. I don't get too hung up about their chewing unless it is obviously problematic (ex. big open bites with lots of visibility... ew, gross!). The science of beauty and attraction is to be the most average. Anything you do to push outside that realm I personally question!


My philtrum is too long!!! Now what?

Ways to try and fix...

Lower the teeth so that more teeth show (basically not push your maxilla up high). Also, certain treatments can get the teeth to drop. Look up some stuff on Won Moon (a recent post about "Won Moon patients - fixing a maxilla JAMMED UP HIGH")

Put a needle and thread up from your lips and tie it up in the nose. We're talking Chris Angel Mind Freak style. 😉

Watch videos on how to tighten loose skin... ex.

Get REAL vitamin D... oral vitamin D isn't great for saggy skin... it can cause it. This is especially true for vitamin D2 (prescription). I still take Vitamin D2, because it helps.. but it absolutely can make your skin saggy! Vitamin D is from the sun.. if you make it on your skin then your skin will look better, within reason.  You can learn more about natural vitamin D from Stasha Gominak.


* I appreciate all who try and help in this space. This is a post not about the validity of myofunctional therapy to help people. With blinders on for the Philtrum... that's what this post is about! No disrespect.

Posted : 12/02/2019 10:00 am
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Concrete exercises besides the giraffe french kiss ? 

Posted : 13/02/2019 9:44 am
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Posted by: Phil343443

Concrete exercises besides the giraffe french kiss ? 

If you really want to know... DM me. Warning... knowing what NOT to do sometimes is not great.  It’s like not thinking of a monkey in a pin-striped suit.

Posted : 17/02/2019 8:19 pm

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