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What do you think is happening here  

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I need advice. Or, I want to know what would you recommend and why. For a few months after learning about it, I face pulled. I used by thumbs to pull on my palate and I used the knuckles of my hands to pull my jaw forward, sometimes pulling on each side of my jaw at a time. ( I have a retruded and downwards grown maxilla). One night I was doing this routine on the right side of my jaw. I was pulling very hard and I did feel it move forward. My right temple pulsed a bit afterwards and I stopped for fear. I don't want to say I dislocated something but I did move it. It's not such a huge difference, but it it's noticeable. My right side is slimmer on my lower third, there is not so much of a dip in my right temple (I assumed it may have to do with the sphenoid opening up?, but I could be totally wrong), my masseter muscle does not feel as prominent on my right side than the left. 

I stopped facepulling for fear that I could be hurting myself and because my right eye looked smaller after that event? I dont know why this happened. Is not something very drastic, but I can see it in pictures. Any idea as to why this may have happened?

Also, I've been hard mewing for a couple of weeks now. I try as hard as I can and I definitely feel something in the back of my head.

It's like a burn on the muscles and like a pulling feeling from the top of my head downwards.  I *think* this is a good indication. But, when I hard mew I definitely feel this more on the right side of the neck than my left. I feel some sort of expansion, not sure if from muscles or actual bone, but. It all feels stronger on the right side of my face.

What do you think? Should I continue facepulling on the left side of my jaw until the assymetry is leveled out?

I like all the changes except this one:my  eyes are already rather small (I used to have more prominent and deep set eyes, but I believe they've changed because of bad ortho) and I moving my jaw resulted in my right eye a bit smaller. I can definitely see something in pictures.

Any idea as to why my right eye
is smaller? Is there like a c
between distance of the jaw and
eye prominence? I dont think I
made my face longer, but who
Posted : 14/11/2019 8:32 pm
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The left is the after

Posted : 24/11/2019 10:36 pm