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V shaped, asymmetrical face frm mewing

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I have been mewing more than 3 months now. But the results are very weird and bad. My upper half of the face has expanded too much sideways compared to lower half giving a V shaped and bad shape to face. My face has become a bit unsymmetrical as earlier i used to put more pressure on the right side of the face. Its slowly getting corrected as i m applying more even pressure on the whole palate. My teeth have become misaligned. My lower teeth lie just below my upper teeth, while they should be a bit backwards. I always feel my bones on the upper half of my face expanding and pushing out. Some improvements i  jawline are visible but it is suppresed by the too much wide upper mandible giving a v shape instead of a square shaped face. Please help me, i feel very insecure the changes are not good. I am stopping mewing for now. Is it possible to revert the changes? I am attaching before and after pics below

Topic starter Posted : 30/08/2019 10:23 pm
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Yes... you can largely revert the changes.  You want to look at the shape of the palate...  There are asymmetries here.  The goals are to bring the right-hand cheekbone down... and to get the left-hand side of the maxilla up.

Suck down on the right-hand side with your tongue.   Be extremely careful about face pushing inwards.  It is highly dangerous and I'm not just saying that.  Someone ignored that and did face smashing where they had serious deformities in their face, their head tilt and even their walk.  This is no joke.  Quick guide to face pushing is very light...for a few seconds then wait a few days.  Never push toward eyes...goal is more downward. 

To thank me.. go tell whoever taught you this stuff that they are creating problems and ask him to stop it!

However...please let me know what you did to get the changes you achieved?  It looks like you're in the exact same boat as @Yusu .  Where are you guys getting this terrible information?  You may possibly benefit from a deprogrammer, but there's it could not be what you want? 

Posted : 31/08/2019 1:32 pm