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Torus Palatinus Formation...  

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So since I started mewing years ago, I've developed one of these on the roof of my mouth right in the fact the dividing midline suture is present as a kind of seam in the TP itself.

Anyway I just wanted to ask something...

Did the TP grow or was it revealed?

By grow, I mean, did my ever present tongue on the roof of my mouth encourage (laminar) bone to be built up (probably due to increased blood flow through the thin tissue on the roof of the mouth) or is the tongue managing to convince all the bone in the roof of my mouth to migrate upwards and there just happens to be extra / extra dense bone where the TP is revealed and so it remains as it needs longer to remodel away?

Hopefully you get what I'm saying and why it matters.

If it's growing downwards, then surely it's best to get it surgically removed as soon as possible?

If it's just left over from upward remodelling all around it, then it would be best to just let it go away in it's own time...



Posted : 22/06/2019 7:40 am
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Have you seen other skeletal changes in your skull in your years of mewing, such as IMW change?

- Age: 30
- Started soft mewing on 12 Feb 2019. Have not seen any real results or changes.
- Starting IMW: 35 mm
- Current IMW: 35 mm

Posted : 22/06/2019 8:22 am
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A couple people have reported a reduction in the prominence of their torus palatinus through correction of oral posture. I think mine has remained about the same.

Posted : 22/06/2019 5:51 pm
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Posted by: Wellwellwell

Have you seen other skeletal changes in your skull in your years of mewing, such as IMW change?

I think my technique was off for a long time, but even at the start it got easier to find room for my tongue fairly quickly.

My IMW hasn't changed much I don't think, but I had wide arches already. It's really just all set too far back due to a lifetime of bad tongue and body posture.

These days I focus on engaging my upper abs to encourage correct rib cage rotation and getting my head up and back and ensuring my tongue is locked in at the back of the mouth and helping support my skull along with my other neck muscles.

Due to my advanced age (41) it's only even going to change slowly and from a permanent change in habits, so the changes if any have been minimal because it's hard to do it all the time. We all have our slouchy moments even when we're otherwise being vigilant.

If I had to guess, I'd say my cheekbones are a touch more prominent these days, but it's hard to be certain of anything as a lot of other unrelated factors have changed too.


Posted : 23/06/2019 4:27 am