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Tongue Strengthening instead of MSE and Facemask

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What if one did exercises to strengthen the tongue such that it doesn't get any bigger but produces much more force at rest, thus making it similar to a headgear or the MSE? Is this plausible?

Topic starter Posted : 28/12/2020 10:51 am
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Anyway, disclaimer.

Profesionals don't recommend hard mewing but i am doing it anyway.


MAXIMUM tounge force is around 17N. MSE is constant force of 15N day and night.

However this people did not train their tounges. I guess you could train your tounge and essentially do hard mewing with a fraction of a force that MSE does BUT from a correct force vector aka tounge vector.

I think this could work but this is essentially dedicated hard mewing. I believe it's possible but extremely extremely hard. Maybe 1 in 10000 can do it and that's why there are very few results. Some people who i think did it get acused of surgery or invasive methods.

You need only 5N of force to produce drastic changes in maxilla but it needs to be 24/7. Monkey study proved this with facepulling anchored on their bones. They changed bite of monkeys, displaced maxillas by 3-4 mm in 90 days only but it was non stop 24/7 force.

If you could actually hard mew and i think you could achieve 5N easy then i guess you could expect 1-2mm in 6 months.

Problem is that you can't hard mew while you are sleeping.

Also thing to point out is that this maximum tounge force of 17N for a couple of seconds probably wans't measured in chin tucked position. I speculate with chin tucks you can get around 25N to even 30N.

So fix head posture. Train your tounge with tounge chewing and hard mewing, stay dedicated and something good might come out of it. 

Posted : 29/12/2020 8:54 am
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would appreciate sources on this info, mate



Posted : 29/12/2020 7:53 pm
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Monkey see monkey do study Monke.

Can't find actuall study but this is summary.


Can't find where i read about MSE and it's force but i am pretty sure it's around 15N.


Tounge force

Basically as i said 17.5± 8N standard SD i guess.


Reddit user helmutserb

Guy which used hardmewing at 21 up 22 which fixed his face. We will never know if it's possible but i choose to believe.

It's not photoshop since he has videos of himself after this change. 

People acuse him of surgery and implants. He was in chintucked position for most of days. Hardmewed fo couple of hours. Had strict routine where he chintucked and hardmewed for maybe 1 hour. He can't breath while doing so it was like a daily exercise which used his time.

He says his hyoid bone was hurting for a couple of weeks after starting.

In my opinion this is why there is no results in adults. Most of us can't hard mew without blocking airway. You have to take breath, mew for like 7 seconds and take breath again and have grit to do it for 3 months or maybe more until your airway gets better.

I think it's possible that his transformation is legit. Most of people here don't have grit and strong will to do things he did. Mike Mew even said himself. I am here to guide you, everything esle is up to you. YOU have to fix your posture. 

Posted : 29/12/2020 8:15 pm