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The Mystery of Modern Malocclusion - YouTube Presentation



Please give feedback to this presentation, which goes over

1. The scale of the problem

2. Why there isn't a good genetic case for malocclusion

3. The evidence and lack of evidence for a nutritional causes

4. Possible mechanical causes

Among other things. Please leave feedback in the comments or in this thread, the author (Joseph, who has been actively working to spread the word about this issue for a long time) has made this first draft and would appreciate it.

Topic starter Posted : 23/08/2021 6:26 pm
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It's the same with myopia.

Posted : 11/09/2021 2:17 pm
Tree Curve
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FORGET THE GONIAL ANGLE: you are missing the tree curve line, which forms in response to tension, compression,and rotation. Observe the mandible and maxilla to find it 4 times in the mouth. View You tube: Claus Mattheck:mathematics of trees. Forget cutting tongue ties: read Claus Mattheck: tension cones. The frenum is a tension cone, fully capable of elongating naturally, as needed in response to tension. Mattheck's KIT lab could explain to you how the mandible and maxilla grow in about 10 minutes and how to prevent malocclusion naturally without any ortho appliances, putting this debate to rest. 

BIOMIMICRY CHEWING is the only thing needed to optimally align teeth:

1. Squirrel Chewing: children with erupting incisors can chew a Round Apple the same way that a squirrel chews a round acorn. Prevents overbite, underbite, overjet, and synchronises growth of mandible with maxilla. Use BOTH HANDS AND BITE EVENLY FROM EVERY SIDE. CREATE BIOMECHANICAL PROPRIOCEPTIVE FORCE LINKS BY USING THE CONVEXITY OF THE ROUND APPLE TO ENCAPSULATE INCISORS. MALOCCLUSION FORMS because children are too dominant with one hand, always aligning teeth in only 1 spot, while leaving the other teeth to chaotically erupt too fast without any guidance from food.  NO MORE FORKS !!!!!!!!

2. Carrot Rolling: children with erupting premolars can roll a round carrot between erupting premolars to intercuspate them. 

3. Bear Pulling: children can hold dried meat, cheese, salmon with their hands and bite into it to tear the foods while holding the head back with perfect posture. Good for anterior growth and posture.  



Anyone who is serious about ending ortho and malocclusion will read the ethical, Claus Mattheck material, which is universaly applicable and not written specifically with dentistry in mind - it is without conflict of interest. 

Study the force arrows carefully and give this task to specialists in biomechanics-real engineers for the most accurate drawing of force arrows. There is no mystery: there is only a lack of mathematics and engineering being applied to this because most of this inquiry is by dentists, who are not thinking like engineers. 

Posted : 23/03/2022 8:39 am
Tree Curve
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The wisdom teeth are for chewing the hardest foods and for preventing intrusion of the condyle into the joint if an upwards force hits the mandible. Again, dentists are the wrong group of professionals to be studying and learning about teeth. If the math and engineering professions had been given the task of study the human mouth, this forum would never have happened because malocclusion would have been understood and prevented a long time ago-and naturally without orthodontics. 

Posted : 23/03/2022 8:45 am
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So I have a 6 mm overbite. I am also 15 y/o. Is it possible for me to fix my bite naturally?

Posted : 25/03/2022 4:44 am


Your Cranial Sutures Need To Be open for CranioSacral / Jaw Development!