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The McKenzie Chin Tuck sleeping on floor without pillow  

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So erm.. for various reasons other than not having an actual bed I have been sleeping on the floor for about 3 years now. I just put some blankets down come summer/autumn or a tin mattress in winter.

Yesterday I tried sleeping in a The McKenzie Chin Tuck position without a pillow and finally managed to really shove the back of my tongue into position. I noticed swallowing like this results in the tongue really pushing hard against the back roof of the mouth, exactly what is needed. I could maintain this tongue position the following morning, doing it even now as I write from work, obviously slacking off... but hey.

Maybe this will help some of you guys. Keep in mind I have 40 mm molar distance and can breathe rather easy even in full chin tuck mouth closed, tongue up... it may be a bit difficult at first.

Sleeping on the floor without pillow:

Posted : 12/07/2018 3:42 am
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When my bed is too old, I'm going to look in to getting a tatami mat or something similar. I like the idea of minimal or lightweight furniture, as hopefully it would make things easier to clean, more hypoallergenic and allow for more free space. We have a crib for my daughter (which she never uses, sigh) because my mom went ahead and got one, otherwise we were going to do the mattress on the floor thing (my husband and I did this for years, as well). We move a lot, and homes are getting smaller, so things like couches are simply too big. I like the idea of things like rattan/wicker furniture (more hypoallergenic, easier to clean), yoga swings/hammocks, and tatami flooring as alternatives to "traditional" couches/seats/beds.

I believe the practice of sleeping in a McKenzie chin tuck is an advanced mewing-related concept as well. I doubt I could have done it when I first started out because my intermolar width was 29mm. My airway would have simply been too narrow. At 40mm I would even have sleep apnea events a couple times a month sleeping in this position (according to my husband), which didn't cease completely until I attained 42mm.

Something I've been doing lately is using a baby blanket that's knitted with baby yarn as a pillow. I think it's great because I can bunch it up in to any shape I like. I bunch it up on both sides of my head, and then create another bunch on the occipital bone to keep it raised up. It helps me keep my skull totally straight and thus my tongue straight and pressing on my palate throughout the night. According to a study I once read, pillows are not ideal for skull shape because they put pressure on top of the skull which promotes balding. Not sure how true that is, but I did regrow my entire hairline to a NW0 again this year, so perhaps it's played some role.

My daughter sleeps on her back with no pillow and in a McKenzie chin tuck, which she's done since infancy, except with some pillow use to treat her plagiocephaly for a time (btw I don't put her in this position, it's just what she does).

Posted : 12/07/2018 4:16 pm
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