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The Little, Extra Habits and Changes?  

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Let me say that I am thankful for this forum.
It’s such a nice place to turn to; I appreciate all of you here — those in this endeavor to... to improve.


my question to you:

Mike Mew in his Chronic Cerebrospinal Venous Insufficiency lecture on YouTube...
mentions “other small steps” to take.
1001 small changes, he calls them. 
You can see it on the slide at 41:16 in that particular video where it reads, “(shoes to hard bed, work station to exercise)”

The shoes you wear, the type of bed (something closer to ancestral habits likely, right?)
The height of your work station and computer screens etc and exercises.

And alllll the other lifestyle changes we can make to further the forward growth and change.


Now beyond mewing and chewing,
Searching through his channel,

I’ve seen him talk about ...

toe spreaders and then mention the Vivo shoes in the same video.
And then there’s the video about Walking habits — The Ab’s walk.
Those fall into the realm of small steps to me (get it? Ayyyy )

But there’s more. I don’t know them. I don’t know the whole list!!

Do you? Let’s discuss.

Do you have any of your own small habits you’ve liked or looked into on your journey? Products? Other things.
What do you recommend?

Posted : 06/01/2018 10:20 am
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Work In Progress. I will add more, general concepts ideas as I go along - if that is okay with you/the mods.

It would only be fair if I offered some. Some I've tried. Some I've considered. Some I've just heard about.


I've been told that increasing the length of our stride, as we walk helps with the spine and alignment. 

I'm going to try a cheaper toe spreader designed for running/yoga. 

So the concepts we are adhering to dictate that skeletal development and our growth has been molded over time by our habits, our posture, our muscles.  For many correcting all of it is necessary to move forward in this growth and upswing we are seeking,  So I felt it fair to add in at least some words on working the postural side of things, the muscular side of things.
If whole body posture is your thing:

Typical tonic (overly tight, shorter) muscles include -- Neck extensors. Levator, Scalenes, Pecs, Lumbar Extensors, Hip Flexors, Hamstrings, Abductors, Gastroc Soleus.
Phasic (weaker, longer) muscles -- Neck flexors, Lower trapezius/rhomboid, lower abs, pelvic /pelvic floor, gluteus maximus, vastus medialus, vastus lat, anterior tibialis,

There are cervical pillows that I haven't tried. Keeping a pillow between your knees has been recommended at one point if you sleep on your side.

Myofascial release, that is worthwhile.  Consider that as part of your treatment of neck and sorts for that postural.

Apparently Vitamin D and Vitamin K combine to create tight muscles? Anyone confirm this?
Whereas magnesium is important for causing muscles to relax. Is muscle balancing/rehabilitation part of your journey in Ortho? Consider that. Epsom salt baths will supply some magnesium outside of diet or supplementation


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Push swallowing technique

Mckenzie chin tuck

Eating slowly and thoughtfully

Holding devices at about eye level

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