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[Closed] THE GREAT WORK Doctor Mike Mew [Orthotropics] Q&A #3  

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Third Q&A Thread

Doctor Mike Mew has agreed to accept questions and concerns from users on this website, intending to answer as much as possible in a video response.

The comments in this thread will be curated and submitted to Dr. Mew. If you have ideas or research that you would like his comment on, this is also the place to do it. 

Please do not confuse the AMA session with personal medical consultation with the doctor, his responses are not be considered as medical advise for your specific case. This is Mike's attempt to work with and learn from the online community, many of whom are have dedicated lots of time to research and self-study. 

Keep the language clean, and post as many questions/ideas as you wish. 


Posted : 03/10/2018 4:50 pm
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Hello Dr. Mike,

 Dr. Robert Johnson told me about a new appliance that you have. He said it only needs to be worn 30 minutes a day and gives quick results. I'm very interested to know more about this appliance.

I would also ask, is it possible to get quicker results "mewing" if one takes human growth hormone? If we can conclude that children get fast and dramatic changes from orthotropic treatment because they have a lot of human growth hormone, will adults be able to get as quick results if they increase their human growth hormone to the same level as a child? Thanks

Posted : 03/10/2018 5:11 pm
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If you would like to submit a message of support or encouragement for Dr Mew, who is currently under attack by the established medical/academic community in the UK, I will submit all such posts to Doctor Mew

See below for context:

Posted : 03/10/2018 5:13 pm
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Hello Dr. Mew,

How should proper oral posture be achieved for someone who has scoliosis? Should the tongue be positioned in the opposite direction that the scoliosis is pulling the body towards? 

Posted : 03/10/2018 5:16 pm
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1. Many adults seem to have achieved remarkable improvements by pushing really hard with the tongue. What is your view on hard forces vs light forces for adult patients?

2. What do you think of the notion that our skulls can also be growth-deficient in bones other than the maxilla? My lambdoid & occipitomastoid sutures crack many times a day, which has caused the posterior cranium to flatten, widen and move upward.

Posted : 03/10/2018 5:42 pm
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Hey Mr Mew aka our lord and savior I had a few important questions for you

1. Do you consider hard mewing as the best way to mew? i ask this because it seems the people with the most significant results all hard mew. If not then what would you recommend as the best exercise for tongue? tongue chewing?

2. My IMW is 41mm but i still have a deep bite due to retroclined front teeth and front arch thats not very expanded. for people with similar bites should we focus more force on the front of the pallete to fix my retroclined teeth and therefore move my mandible forward?

3. What is the main thing we should all focus on? it seemed straightforward at first but now their is so much different information i cant commit to anything what would your routine be ? thank you.

Posted : 03/10/2018 6:00 pm
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Hi Dr. Mew,

I've been following your work for a few years.  From that I have a few questions:

- How does one distinguish between an antegonial notch and a gonial eversion due to robust muscular attachments?  Is it simply a matter of how acute the gonial angle is and the size of these muscles?

- Is my understanding of Orthotropic treatment correct?:

It aims to enlarge the maxilla both transversally (through expansion) and sagittally (through advancement/ upward movement of the incisors and therefore moving the premaxilla forward/up) which rotates the occlusal plane counterclockwise.   Then it lengthens the alveolar portion of the mandible (also through advancement of the incisors).  Then, it moves the entire maxilla and mandible forward for facial aesthetic purposes, which causes changes in the inclination of the Sella Turcica/ sphenoid bone relative to the nasion and the entire cranial base.

- When the maxilla is pulled at a forward vector, is its center of rotation at the nasion?  And when the mandible is advanced, does it go through Bjork Type 2 forward rotation?  To help you visualize this question, I have created a diagram, which is attached to this.

- How does one interpret the indicator line?  For example, if the ideal indicator line is 38mm, and one's indicator line is 42mm, does this mean that the whole maxilla must be brought 4mm forward and the maxillary incisors must be advanced 8mm? 

-Am I correct in believing that for every 2mm the maxilla is advanced, the nasal tip rises by 1mm?

-Does the premaxilla fuse in adults?

-When you are using headgear to protract the maxilla, what kind of force vector are you using?  How do you deal with rotation during maxillary protraction?

There is just so much more I would like to talk with you about, but it is just too long for here and I understand that you are extremely busy.  Thank you for your time and I wish you luck in your battle of ideology, as there is only one truth, and that truth will one day prevail.

Posted : 03/10/2018 6:40 pm
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What are you thoughts on mouth taping for sleep and nose breathing while doing cardio exercise?

Posted : 03/10/2018 7:03 pm
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The last video ( ) concluded with a slide that said "end of part 1." Since @admin is now soliciting new questions, can we assume that there won't be any additional questions answered from the past submissions? For example, I would be very interested to hear Dr. Mew's answer to these questions ( ) submitted by @allixa (who hasn't been active on the forum for a while), since both are practical topics that have been actively debated here on the forum:

Posted by: Allixa

1) Certain parts of the online community are starting to move towards a chewing technique called 'open mouth chewing' in which we chew gum and other things with our mouths open and our lips unsealed. We have noticed that chewing in this way leads to better aesthetic results (less cheek bloating), better muscle balance, and a pronounced feeling of activation and movement across the entire skull that doesn't happen otherwise. In my case, since implementing this my hollow cheeks have become much more prominent. I was wondering what your thoughts were on this technique and if you were willing to experiment with it if you haven't yet.

2) I have recently began trying out a modified version of the push swallow in which I clench my teeth together with decent force in order to activate the swallow. I have found that clenching like this allows the push swallow to happen much more effortlessly but at the same time with even more force than what I was able to do previously when I was more focused on using the tongue for activation. Is this a normal technique and if not do you think it is a good change or a bad one? From my very limited time with this, it seems to have created only positive results.

After the last video, @abdulrahman proposed some good questions here ( ), which I will let him submit. I'm especially interested in his question "What do you think of FAGGA treatment?" I will work on generating one or two of my own questions.

Posted : 03/10/2018 7:12 pm
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Dr. Mew, would you please share your thoughts on attaining a U-shaped arch?

My intermolar width has increased considerably after Mewing for 6-years, but now find my intercanine width lags behind a bit.

Thanks for all that you do!

Remember this pain... and let it activate you.

Posted : 03/10/2018 7:31 pm
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What causes vertical maxillary excess?

Posted : 03/10/2018 7:58 pm
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In some of your videos with adult patients, you've mentioned the use of a "sonic device" to "soften sutures." What do you think is the therapeutic role of vibration/pulsed/intermittent forces as compared to constant forces? Are there specific frequencies and intensities that are most effective? Can you describe the kind of device that you use in a clinical setting and if there are any analogous devices that might be suitable for home use?

Posted : 03/10/2018 8:16 pm
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Dr. Mew,

First off, keep doing what you're doing even in the face of adversity. You have a growing community of people all around that world that know that what you're doing will change the world as we know it. 

My first question is with regards to how to properly micro swallowing and tongue sweeping. I know you've been asked this many times and I'm not sure what else can be said on it, but I really just can't seem to get it. In order to gather saliva it seems I just simply have to suck in on my lips to create a vacuum, and cannot get a vacuum from keeping my tongue on the roof of my mouth. Anyway, it may be a minor issue, I just can't seem to maintain my lips closed all the time because of it. I am seeing a myofunctional therapist in a couple weeks and hopefully she will be able to help.

My second question (or group of questions) has probably already been asked here but, what is your opinion on biobloc for palate expansion for adults? What about the FAGGA appliance for forward growth? ALF appliances? Myobrace? Also, what are your thoughts on using MARPE appliances for expansion? What about using a facemask in conjunction with the MARPE appliances? Do you think that adults (22 year old male) can still achieve palate expansion with proper dedicated mewing and an intermolar width of 31-33mm? I'm trying to way my best options right now.

Thanks again and keep fighting the good fight.

Posted : 03/10/2018 9:12 pm
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Hi Dr Mew 

How did you arrive at your 25 year benchmark for seeing results. 

Posted : 04/10/2018 2:42 am
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Is it okay to mew with an implant? Will the implant move along with everything else? 

Can mewing make a smile less gummy since it would shift the upper teeth upwards? 

Can mewing cause an overbite? If upper teeth are moving forward whats causing the lower teeth to follow in line? 

Posted : 04/10/2018 4:04 am
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How many millimeters of Maxilla advancement/upswing can be expected over a 5 year period when oral posture is practiced perfectly? Referring to adult patients

Posted : 04/10/2018 4:09 am
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How is the progress going with your adult patients? What are your plans for attempting to help the over 21 age group?  

Posted : 04/10/2018 4:15 am
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Hi Dr Mew

Can mewing reverse an antegonial notch if done correctly?

Posted : 04/10/2018 6:00 am
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Hi Dr Mew, 

Can mewing fix "short face syndrome" ? 

Posted : 04/10/2018 10:28 am
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Posted by: Apollo

After the last video, @abdulrahman proposed some good questions here ( ), which I will let him submit. I'm especially interested in his question "What do you think of FAGGA treatment?" I will work on generating one or two of my own questions.

lol, I already knew the answer but I suggested it because I know allot of people would be interested. So I am happy to repost it here along with other questions that I think will address common topics on the forum:

1. What do you think of FAGGA treatment, and can it compliment mewing?

2. Can mewing reverse the retroclination of the upper front teeth and if so how?

3. While mewing, how dose the lower arch catch up with the expansion of the upper one?

4. What is more important for the tongue sagittal or transverse expansion?  

my story:

Posted : 04/10/2018 11:24 am
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Hi Dr Mew

My main problem is lack of forward growth. I have a wide face and not too much vertical growth but my maxilla is set too far back. What should I do in terms of tongue and jaw posture to focus on forward growth?

Posted : 04/10/2018 2:16 pm
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Posted by: Abdulrahman

lol, I already knew the answer but I suggested it because I know allot of people would be interested. So I am happy to repost it here along with other questions that I think will address common topics on the forum

Yeah, we discussed his implied skepticism about AGGA in his previous video here ( ), but it would be interesting to hear him address it directly.

Posted : 04/10/2018 3:10 pm
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Dr. Mew,

In your last Q&A video, you said that you don't believe a torus palatinus has ever hindered palatal expansion. How specifically did you expand those palates? With exercises? With an appliance? Is an appliance necessary?

Thank you!

Posted : 04/10/2018 4:57 pm
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Dr Mew,

where we should place the tip of the tongue? Many oral myologists says behind ruggae (half an inch behind upper teeth) while others says just behind upper teeth, where gum and teeth met.  Where's the right place?

Also, if I have an overbite, should I mew normally or  something different like  put more forces on front palate or avoiding teeth together?

Posted : 04/10/2018 8:44 pm
Trusted Member

What is your take on Skull Phenotype?

Posted : 04/10/2018 10:56 pm
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Posted by: Apollo

Yeah, we discussed his implied skepticism about AGGA in his previous video here ( ), but it would be interesting to hear him address it directly.

I am familiar with your comment but I was referring to the answer he gave me directly. 

my story:

Posted : 05/10/2018 12:47 am
Active Member

Hello doctor Mew. First of all, congratulations for all your work and effort.

I have some questions that were made by a friend of mine. He is a student finishing his degree in odontology, and I have been talking about orthotropics with him. He remains a little bit skeptic about this, but he is also concerned with some traditional practises in orthodontics. So, here they come:

"1. It is possible to move and correct the position of an already erupted tooth, following the orthotropics postulates and without using braces or surgery? In other words, is orthotropics able to achieve what "mainstream orthodontics" achieve (moving teeth), and which is usually the patient´s main concern?

If this is the case, what is the evidence behind it? Are there well designed studies which show that it´s possible to solve crwoding cases, for example, without using braces?

2. Beyond dr. Mew´s empirical experience, what is the evidence behind the claim of "mainstream" orthodontics causing the issues the orthotropics collective blames it for? Are there well designed studies showing that tooth extraction causes airway compression, for example? If this is the case, why is this worrying fact ignored by almost every orthodontist in the world?"

Thanks for your time.


Posted : 05/10/2018 1:33 pm
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Would mewing help with a recessed mandible or even a recessed chin? How does the movement of the maxilla forwards allow for other parts of the facial bones to also come forward, if possible? Is there an explanation behind it? 

Also, how long would you estimate to see changes in someone who’s 18 and male (right at the age of adulthood) if he “mews” successfully day and night?




Posted : 05/10/2018 3:46 pm
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Like many others here on the forum, I'd like to know what you think of the hard mewing, if you support it and for how many minutes a day.

Posted : 05/10/2018 6:50 pm
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When I chin tuck, I feel a pressure around my ramus bone from being pressed back into the neck.

I feel like this pressure also spread to the midface/zygomatic area.

I have around 40mm intermolar width, but my face is down swung a bit.

Even if put my tongue away from the palate in this chin tuck position, i still feel the pressure in the midface etc.

Do you think simply chin tucking is enough to create the upswing for the maxilla?

Also, is chin tucking less beneficial if you are laying down on your back, considering gravity forces etc?


Thank you


Posted : 06/10/2018 3:23 pm
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Hey Dr. Mew,

In regards to maxillary protraction in adults (assuming a typical or "average" case/patient):

  • What, in your opinion, is the ideal point of force application in the maxilla (assuming bone-anchorage)? Some examples include protraction from miniplates on the maxillary buttress, palatal miniscrews/microimplants (protraction in combination with MARPE), etc.
  • A commonly used direction of force application for maxillary protraction in mainstream orthodontics is -30 degrees to the occlusal plane. From your mew-vector appliance, I would assume your opinion is divergent. What in your view is the ideal direction of force application which might achieve results similar to those you strive to achieve with your patients in a clinical setting and why?


  • Unlike in the maxilla, there is no interpalatal suture in the mandible along which new bone growth can occur. Can an adult patient reasonably expect to be able to expand the mandibular arch (bone growth, rather than dental shifting/tipping)? If so, is this change a function of remodeling rather than new growth, or some other factor, and how might this change be expedited?

Thank you for the wonderful work you continue to do!

Posted : 07/10/2018 6:06 pm
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Hey Dr Mew

What do you think is the main contributor to the growth of the zygomatic bones? I noticed that very attractive people often seem to have bigger zygomatic bones than average. Would chewing very hard gum or foods make a difference?

Thanks for all the hard work you’re doing to get this info out there!

Posted : 07/10/2018 6:26 pm
New Member

I would like to know about your patient Dafne. Changes are incredible. What methods used with him?

What do you think about Won Moon MSE system?


Posted : 08/10/2018 2:23 pm
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Hello Dr Mew 

What do you think about supplementing vitamins like k2 (mk4 or mk7), d3, magnesium? Is it possible that those supplements in high doses can speed up results in adult patients?

Posted : 08/10/2018 5:27 pm
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New Member

Hi Dr. Mew,

First of all, thank you very much to you and your father for all of your hard work in raising awareness for these issues and offering your insights. I have been maintaining the proper oral posture for close to half a year now, and I am already seeing very significant improvements from my previous post-orthodontic state. 

1. I have two permanent orthodontic retainers in my mouth (metal wires that are bonded to the middle six teeth on both the top and bottom). Could this be hindering the growth of the palate? This is the only aspect of the face that has not noticeably improved.  

2. Related to the previous question, where does the palate expand outward from (midline, sides, or all around at the same time)?

3. Do you have any knowledge about facepulling with thumbs, how to go about it, or its safety? 

Thank you very much for your time. 

Posted : 10/10/2018 3:06 pm
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Hey Dr Mew.


Im 17, I have a narrow palate, what should I do to correct this. As you see in the photo where the arch is, is where my tongue is resting, and theres little to no space for my big tongue.


Should I get a palate expansion. Im keen on mewing. 


Thank you Sir.

Posted : 11/10/2018 5:04 pm
New Member

Can mewing fix an underbite or crossbite? If so, how?

Posted : 12/10/2018 10:04 pm
New Member

Dr. Mew, 

Thank you for all of the good work you do.  I know there are ways you can spread your message and make a living.  I think you are doing revolutionary education.  Please stay strong and know that many people support what you are doing and it is time for this message.  If there are products you can develop to help adults to improve their facial structure, I think so many people would buy them.  Dramatic before and after pictures would help too.  Love and peace to you and your family.

Sending you good energy,

Carrie Dayton-Madsen

Posted : 13/10/2018 10:50 am
New Member

Hi Dr. Mew

You've used Stephen Hawking as an example that faces can indeed change through adulthood. 

What I'm wondering is if hard work through oral posture would work like 1 year of good oral posture reverses the mouth breathing damage by 1 year(which in my case, would take 28 years)

I have a very recessed maxilla and mandible with an intermolar width around 32mm, and from what I understand, basic oral posture and self improvement is difficult below 35mm. These days, I'm contemplating maxillomandibular advancement surgery.

Posted : 15/10/2018 5:37 am
New Member

Hey Dr. Mew

In one of your videos you talked about Fränkel, about how you and John personally knew him and about his invention, the Functional Regulator. You seemed to be quite fond of him and the appliance.

I'm interested, did your father know Prof. Wilhelm Balters? What are your views on him and especially on his main appliance, the Bionator? It seems that his theories are quit similar to yours and his appliance does bear a similarity in name to the Biobloc system, so I oviously wondered, whether he had an influence on your and your father's work.

Posted : 21/10/2018 5:51 am
Eminent Member

Talk us through their development....too much of a good thing?


What is your opinion on teeth size? Some pics embedded



Posted : 23/10/2018 8:13 am
Trusted Member

Hello, Dr. Mew.

This is a message of gratitud and support.

The first time I've heard about the importance of placing the tongue on the palate was aprox. 22 years ago. Eventually I had myofunctional therapy, but even so, it was only thanks to you and your father that I learned about the importance of the posterior third of the tongue. Now I can't imagine living with just the tiny tip of my tongue on the "spot" for life.

So, thank you, thank you, thank you!

Posted : 23/10/2018 9:29 am
TGW Admin Admin

Q&A closed. Thank you for your submissions. Since there are so many questions, they will not be submitted at simultaneously - some of your questions may be used in future videos instead. 

Posted : 29/10/2018 8:50 am