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Teeth together makes jaw sore and tired and harder to open mouth  

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So you basically say keep your teeth together lightly ofc but if you do so it causes your jaw to feel sore and tired. Also no matter how light the constant force is can cause chipping and tooth pain and headaches. You also cannot keep your teeth together while your running if you try to you would clench. So I’m not really getting this teeth together thing can someone explain

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Posted : 12/01/2019 10:02 am
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Dr. Mew is not protecting his viewers with a disclaimer.  I have requested this to no avail.  Watch the video from Bill Hang here:  I may have to work with YouTube or the committe he is in heat under instead.

Posted : 13/01/2019 11:54 am


As you undergo correction in the near future, please consider keeping records for your own sake and for others. Pictures of dental impressions, scans, medical reports reports can be very helpful even with all personally identifying information blocked out.

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