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Teeth Chipping  

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My whole life, I have had notable spaces between my lower front teeth. Remarkably, all my gaps have nearly closed in a matter of 3 1/2 months and I am very pleased with how much wider my lower jaw is now. However, I just noticed how I chipped nearly all of my bottom canine tip off, as it rotated from the outside of my upper canine to the inside of it. Really this seemed unavoidable, but I was wondering if anyone else had any similar experiences and if so, what they did about it. Either way, I am willing to trade nice teeth for a nice face lol. 

Posted : 17/07/2018 9:27 am
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since taking a high dose of K2 MK4, D3 and calcium a few of my smaller cavities and chipped teeth have repaired themselves over the course of a few weeks

Posted : 17/07/2018 3:42 pm Odys liked
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Good to know. I think this is why Mew creates that "anterior open bite" to avoid incisoral interference. It's pretty insane. Back in April, my whole left jaw was caved inwards in the classic V-shape and now its nearly a perfect U. My upper lip has advanced quite a bit in front of the lower, whereas they used to be even with each other. Fortunately I have always breathed nasally (through the day at least), but I was definitely at risk of developing Class III Malocclusion. Can't wait till my last gap fills in and my wisdom teeth finish erupting!

Posted : 17/07/2018 3:59 pm
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too bad the body can't repair enamel

Posted : 18/07/2018 5:43 am


As you undergo correction in the near future, please consider keeping records for your own sake and for others. Pictures of dental impressions, scans, medical reports reports can be very helpful even with all personally identifying information blocked out.

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