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(Simulation of my Invisalign treatment link) My left molar tipped outward...causing my sinusitis?  

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Just copy and paste the link on your browser to view the cool 3d simulation of my invisalign treatment!

But...ok before I got scanned for invisalign, I mewed wrongly, putting more pressure on my left teeth. Also, i chewed hard foods only on my left side and chewed in an unatural pattern.....IN ADDITION to all that, I sometimes pushed really hard on my left molar's gums, from behind and sides etc.....I am an idiot. I did not know the significance of what i was messing with.

1 week after, I developed a chronic fatigue. My left nostril was impossible to breath through. I kept just going through the day, day after day, with my chronic fatigue, for a while until I got my invisalign and stuff. The dentist said nothing is wrong with my teeth when i mentioned all this. But i went to the doctor and got diagnosed with sinusitis.

Now...using the power of google, I have come to find out that the molar and pre molar can have a great influence on our maxiallry sinus....and those are the 2 teeth I messed with the most and to me, they moved a bit. 

Any advice on what I should do? I still have chronic fatigue etc and my teeth will be stuck in the same way for the next few months due to invisalign, and the trays have no effect on my rear molars, but all the other teeth. I really have trouble doing daily tasks. I am kinda stuck. I really did move my rear molar and my pre molar minorly enough to effect my sinus's. But i am not doctor. But it makes sense. idk. any advice?



Posted : 15/05/2019 9:40 pm