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Should stop mewing if unable to fit tongue in palate?  

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I’ve only been mewing/ having my tongue up for like 4 days. But already my upper arch or teeth seems further apart. (Not sure if it’s tipping or palate expansion, probably the teeth though). But my lower teeth do not line up with my top anymore. I previously had a perfect bite and perfectly aligned teeth, but just a narrow palate (30mm imw both top and bottom). Seems my lower teeth tip inwards now perhaps because I’ve removed my tongue from the bottom of my mouth? How can I get my bottom teeth/ palate to stay aligned with the top? Or will I have to be patient as the mandible catches up to the maxilla? 

Thinking I should stop having correct tongue posture and go back to open mouth if it is causing my teeth to become unaligned, due to the fact my tongue doesn’t fit properly in my upper palate and hit my teeth a bit even when folding my tongue best I can. Is it better to stop mewing until I can get a palate expander or still continue to mew with incorrect tongue posture and risk making my teeth crooked? 

Posted : 10/10/2018 9:08 am
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Hopefully some more experienced mewers answer your question, but I can give you what my experience has been so far.

I have been mewing for about 2 1/2 weeks. When I first started I had a very narrow palate. I have no idea how narrow, but I could barely fit my tongue in there. I just kind of shoved it up there as best I could, and then started using suction holds which sucked it up between my upper teeth like a vacuum. I also would actively work to push the teeth apart with my tongue. The first week and a half or so, my tongue got pretty torn up but I was determined and just kept at it.

My teeth started to move same as yours, and then mewing started to become more comfortable. Throughout the day and at night, my upper palate rebounds and becomes narrow again, but it is happening less and less and not rebounding as much. The bite did feel weird at first, but somehow something keeps shifting and my bite has never felt better.

I'm really just trusting the process. It is not easy especially when you have a narrow palate. But the tongue wants to be up there, and once there I just feel like things naturally start falling into place.

Also, chewing gum helps me a lot to fix the bite when it feels weird.

Posted : 10/10/2018 5:09 pm
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Thanks for replying! I guess I’ll just persevere. It is unsettling to not have a correct bite anymore, but maybe I’ll try chewing to help.

I defs can tell the mewing is working on my maxilla I can hear popping and cracking etc. and feel pressure. 

Hard to know if having my perfect teeth ruined will be worth it! Hopefully they realign! 

Posted : 10/10/2018 9:18 pm
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I've been mewing for six nonths with dramatic change to my palate due to consistent effort. It was also really hard initially when I started... I would constantly go to bed with tmjv pain in my recessed side due to poor orthodontic treatment. I just would have continual effort throughout the day with proper oral posture and would press hard witjctongue and eventually learned to tuck chin. The process is gradual and the change really accumulates over time and when you compare yourself to a few months prior the changes become way more obvious both physically and what you feel with your face and tongue. As long as you're starting from a relatively normal point you should be fine adopting proper oral posture and it should only help you in the longrun from what it seems, more optimal functioning when you're doing things the way you were born to be.
Posted : 11/10/2018 1:25 am

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