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"Short Face Syndrome"

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How can "Short Face Syndrome" be treated besides advancing the mandible and therefore lengthening the chin? Is there any way one can lengthen the mid face to restore facial symmetry, especially when the forehead is enlarged ?  

Topic starter Posted : 09/08/2018 4:06 pm
Symere Woods
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you need double jaw to fix short face

Posted : 22/08/2018 11:03 pm
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Just mouthbreathe to get a longer mid face 😀

Posted : 27/08/2018 1:58 pm
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I wouldn't mouth breathe, that would just make everything worse.

In John Mew's opinion, people who have short faces rest their tongue between their back teeth:

Correct tongue position and swallowing function. And be mindful of how you use your facial muscles, if you are clenching, or if you have tension anywhere in your body, since that will affect the bones in the long run. 

I don't know in how much time you will see an improvement, but at least it won't get worse.




Posted : 27/08/2018 2:17 pm
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Lmao... I have this. e_e muh face is short. At first I thought my mandible was small, but apparently its slightly bigger than most other people's who do not have the class II malocclusion issues I have. Funny enough I can turn my class II into a class III by relaxing the jaws and allowing the mandible to slide forwards.... which then makes my maxilla arch too small for the mandible arch to fit in (literally all teeth in the maxilla need to move about 5-6 mm to the side and around 2 mm tot he front)

I got used to constantly pulling the mandible back and up to fit the maxilla. Makes the jaw look weak and shortens the face due to how the teeth are tilted inwards. The bite is on the side, very deep and the teeth don't meet at the right places. 😛 its funny because my bone at the gonial angle compared to other plp is MASSIVE.

Its very likely due to me originally holding my tongue between my back teeth. When my front teeth meet, my back teeth do not...

Posted : 28/08/2018 5:25 am