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Seriously looking into Orthodontic/Orthotropist care for TMJ headaches + other. Advice is much appreciated

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Me : Age - 19

       Problem - TMJ headaches, loud cracking, teeth shifted (stopped).

       Question : What is the best route to go when it comes to treatment for this issue? Ideally, something that will not only fix my TMJ issues, but could also bring back what my face used to be (if i can't bring back what my face was, fine, as long as this TMJ is solved).


       I had previously underwent orthodontic treatment before all this. First, I had a metal retainer placed in my mouth. Lasted for lets say a year or so. After that, for about a year and a half to two years I had worn braces, as well as one time or another doing rubber bands with braces. After all was said and done, my teeth were nice and straight, but unfortunately my face wasn't nearly as good as it used to look. They said braces were needed because I had a gap in my two front teeth (i did), and an overbite.

Fast forward about 2 years after getting braces off, I never bother to wear my retainer. My teeth never reverted like they said they would. I practiced proper tongue posture, i never made any mewing gains but my teeth didn't go back to what it was before and i didn't have to wear stupid retainers, so I was pretty happy. Recently I had taken on hard mewing, which unfortunately was a big mistake. I've had headaches, teeth shifting, and loud cracking on the side of both jaws. Most definitely TMJ. I plan on possibly going to an Orthotropist soon, but just am unsure of which course of action i should take. I don't totally discount orthodontics, I'm sure it has its place, but am looking to branch out. Advice would be very much appreciated.

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