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Recessed Chin - How Do We Measure?  

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Is there a way to measure/see just how far the chin is recessed? Some kind of graph or framework?

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Posted : 13/10/2018 2:29 pm
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There is no standard on chins because even with amazing forward projection some people have genetically smaller mandibles and less distance from lower incisors to pogonion

Posted : 13/10/2018 5:35 pm
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It's important to define your terms. By "chin", do you mean the pogonion, or do you mean the mandible in general? Either way, both those things don't recess. The only thing that recesses really is the maxilla, and the mandible swings down to compensate. The best way to measure the effect on the mandible would probably just be the gonial angle. A high angle will make the mandible appear much weaker than if it was projected at a more right angle.

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