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Posterior tongue tie causing difficulties engaging poster third  

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So I've heard that if you are unable to place the tip of your tongue on your palate in the spot behind your front teeth when jaws are fully opened, you have a tongue tie. I feel like this is most likely why I seem to struggle with being able to press the posterior third of my tongue on my palate with any significant force. To engage the back of my tongue i find myself strongly engaging the front of my neck muscles and it just doesen't feel natural. I also don't find any indications that a narrow palate is causing this problem in my place. 

However I've never struggled with a lot of the typical issues people with tongue ties struggle with like speech difficulties, TMJ issues and migraines. Therefore Im wondering if its a PTT thats actually causing the issue. Getting a PTT cut is also quite costly and would be very impractical in my current situation. 

In any case, are there any stretches or anything I can do to help achieve proper oral posture?

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Posted : 06/12/2018 3:48 am
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I had a severe tongue tie.  I started mewing about 4-5 months before I got my tongue tie cut earlier this year.  First of all, good tongue posture is a work in progress if you’ve had bad tongue posture all your life.  It takes practice and reading and conscious effort.  It will feel weird, it will feel unnatural at times.  And the tongue tie really limits the progress.  You can still do it, but trust me, once that tie is gone , and your tongue heals, good tongue posture rapidly gets better day by day. 

It took me two trips to the dentist mine was so tight.  I now have a normal tongue and I can fully place my tongue up against my palate.  But I can remember when I first started mewing, it was so hard.  

Ive never had issues like you mentioned except maybe a slight lisp, which isn’t too bad.  

Look around for a dentist who will do it.  I only paid $65, but the insurance I have is really good.  BUT, I will say that with the same insurance I went to an oral surgeon and I would have paid out $800 and he wanted to do gum grafting too.  And he said he wouldn’t cut the tongue tie too much.  When I explained this to my dentist he said, oh I can cut it off for you it’s a simple procedure. But mind you I had to go back a second time the next month.  It was just a very tight tongue tie.  My tongue tie was pulling on my gum tissue and causing the gum around my tooth to recede.  So maybe that was the justification for the insurance but whatever the case if you look around and ask questions you might find a good solution like I did. 

Posted : 06/12/2018 11:05 am

As you undergo correction in the near future, please consider keeping records for your own sake and for others. Pictures of dental impressions, scans, medical reports reports can be very helpful even with all personally identifying information blocked out.

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