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People are waking up to the importance of tongue posture and maxillary development (Myofunctional Symposium)  

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It's a 5 hour long symposium video, but you get the point. Professionals in the medical field are waking up to what Dr Mike Mew is talking about, they're realizing the importance of tongue posture and maxillary development.

Posted : 09/01/2019 6:41 pm Mewb liked
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I think this is the quickest expansion of the mewing movement since it first hit sites such as lookism, SH, looksmax etc. I'm personally very glad I found it just in time to prevent my posture from getting any worse and to find treatment. Hopefully in the future more orthodontist's seek training in non-surgical methods such as MSE and AGGA and the overall price drops.

IMW - 35mm VME - 46mm

Posted : 10/01/2019 12:58 am FutureModel liked
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Knowledge about oral posture and facial development is gonna spread like the wind eventually. Its a tragedy that more people don't know the importance of proper tongue posture at this point. Everything in nature is beautiful. Every human being should be beautiful too, no one is born ugly.

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