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I started mewing August of 2018 and it has been the slowest progression until now. Granted when I first started mewing for the first 3 months I was doing it wrong and later corrected it to have my tongue on the soft and hard palate. I am making this post regarding my expansion as well as blocked airways when mewing. So starting with the former:

Initially I had a lot of trouble putting the back of my tongue on the roof of my mouth but it later got easier and easier. While I do have a fairly narrow palate I was mewing while applying force to my teeth rather than the actual palate. This caused slight tipping but once I corrected my posture it was smooth sailing from there. My problem now is that I expanded the back half of my palate (where my molars are) but the front of my tongue doesn’t do any of the expansion due to lack of space in the back. I don’t know if I should keep focusing my mewing on the back part of my palate and wait for the front to catch up or just force expansion of my palate by hard mewing the front and back of my tongue. 

Discussing the latter: Dr. Mew explains how having a narrow palate will cause blocked airways which is true in my case. He states to mew closest to your airway as possible without blockage. This means your WHOLE tongue won’t be on the roof of your mouth but rather 90% to give room for breathing. Dr. Mew states that little tongue difference is a slight change but the problem is when I mew while blocking my airway it feels so much better (other than the not breathing of course). My mouth feels like it’s shut tight due to my tongue and my neck even tightens up. My teeth also feel naturally together but when I give that 10% of room to breathe is feels like the mewing is half assed. My lips are slightly open if I forget and my teeth don’t touch naturally unless I remember to shut my mouth completely. My question is do I need a palate expander to give me some more tongue space? or should I just slowly progress on this mewing journey and hope that by later my airways aren’t blocked? 

Oh and this mewing stuff is amazing. My face is very asymmetrical when it comes to my eyes and jaw and it’s easy to see why. When I mew I notice that the right part of my palate is sort of closer to the middle than my left side. Hence the left side of my face is wider and my lips and eyes are very aligned if you were to look at my face. When I’m mewing it’s easy for me to see that I need to expand my tongue more to the right, to expand the right side of my face. When looking at my face my nose is crooked and it falls on the weaker side of my face (the right) and also my eye is higher. My lips also droop down compared to the left and my jaw is much more round on my right while my left is slightly more angular. My smile from the front also shows more teeth on my left side (good side) and less teeth on the right side (bad side). I also notice how my smile isn’t broad like most beautiful people but rather narrow and has dark spaces on the edges while a nice smile only shows teeth. Very interesting stuff. If you guys would like to see what I’m talking about I will gladly add pictures for a future post if you would like.

Thanks for reading and best wishes!

Posted : 09/07/2019 8:08 am