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Palatal expansion : My case  

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Hello, so i’ve been mewing for several months now but recently I felt like I’ve lost most of my improvements at least from soft tissues, I dont have any hollow cheeks anymore my face looks really bad from where I were going. I ordered a palate expander to help myself with mewing I suffer from scalloped tongue so lack of space Im guessing, but when I put the expander on it feels really unnatural and off. It hurts even a little bit on my side gum (canine). Its a Y plate expander which does sagital and tranversal expansion. I’ve asked to people here and there and also watched the video of mike mew about expansion in adults (im 19) and they all saying quit the same things, palate expansion works in adults in a slow rapid rate I believe. I dont wanna harm myself at all neither my gum or my teeth but im also desperate as hell. What are you adviceA for someone with a 36 inter molar width not capable of keeping the tip of the tongue on the roof of the mouth without getting a scalloped tongue. Should I go trough the expander I’ve bought or putting more and more effort on posture swallowing and tongue pressure to save my face ? I hope I will find answers, thanks 

Posted : 12/08/2019 2:30 pm