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Over 95% of all mewers don't do it right

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I’ve been doing this for a year and two months. And I thought I was doing pretty good. However, I have also noticed again and again that it has not become a habit after all.
After a while I didn’t think about it that much anymore and my tongue was only slightly up. With Suction hold, but this one doesn’t bring any change for me as an adult (there should be some pressure)

Lately I have been more involved with it again and I use my tongue more and only now I feel my face, my cheekbones again…
And this only at 30-40% tongur strength
The problem is, I manage to do this despite over 1 year mewing just for 5min in a row if at all. There are still many phases where I have a weak suction hold And also in sleep I do not make stronger contact

And I believe that a lot of mewers act exactly the same way. They think that they do it all right somehow, whereby they actually only have their tongue slightly up, without pressure to initiate change… They may think about it several times a day and then they press harder like me, but for like 80% the day they just have light force, like I have it.

I’m not saying you should mew very hard. I’m saying that you should try to use medium hard, halfway through.

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Posted : 20/04/2020 5:04 pm
RamonT and RamonT reacted
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Yes, I agree. A lot of my attempts are composed of going hard for several hours at a time per day and it usually only takes a few days to begin dialing the effort back considerably until my tongue practically floats in place with no strength. The thing is, I already know my posture sucks because my palate is high and I have a torus in the middle. Barely anyone here seems to have these, so it’s probably easier to slack off when questioning if I’m even in a position to get anywhere. (although that likely won’t be figured out without months of dedication anyway) I think you’re right in that extremely high force isn’t very sustainable when just starting out because it has to be built up, and too little force won’t achieve anything.

Posted : 20/04/2020 10:41 pm
Yusu and Yusu reacted
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I still don’t mew really constant, I think this is the key for change. To mew aware and long enough with good strenght. Chin tuck.

Posted : 23/04/2020 6:35 am