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New to Mewing and need help

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Hello everybody new to the forums. Saw this site and wanted to know if I was mewing correctly due to me seeing some kind of a progress in just a under week. So I started mewing about 4 days ago and have been trying my best to touch my molars and rest my tongue at the palate (which is very narrow and mewing without curling my tongue causes the left side of the tongue to get bruised by the  molar teeth and this really makes things difficult.) so I actually started to feel my jaw get kind of chiseled and less round nothing too shabby just some minor  changes that probably people from outside wouldnt notice. What started to worry me was that my lower jaw (mandibles?) was going forward too, causing my overbite to slowly detoriate but only to caıse my molars to not contact properly. My incisors (front teeth) do touch but there is a slight space between my molars which worries me.Should I make my molars or incisors touch eachother and would my palate get wider?  Also sometimes while Im mewing my teeth start aching minorly as if I’d been grinding them for a while. Is it normal? And should I push my tongue up my palate or just slightly rest it there? I am 18 and male by the way. Sorry for the wall of text and thanks alot in advance for your attention.

Topic starter Posted : 09/05/2019 6:46 am
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Also the farthest back part of my tongue that can touch my palate is around my last 3 molars but thats it. Would that be enough ? 

Topic starter Posted : 09/05/2019 6:48 am