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New Personal Discovery: Speed of Chewing! (Very insightful)

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Hello Community! This is my 1st post:

I will try to keep this very "bullet pointed". I hope for everyone to read this and think about it for a few days and experiment and then come back and give insight.

The whole idea of Mewing is complex. No one would guess a simple tongue placement could shape the face. And as with any element of Mewing, it is guaranteed to be very complex. This is no different, so I will try my best to keep it categorized. I will start with a very simple intro and get a little more complex as I go along:

Everyone go and try chewing something very fast for 30 seconds(careful to not bite tongue). You will find that even with something as soft as steamed vegetables or even bread, there will be a burn. When I first did it i went very fast and quickly lost chewing speed and began to feel tired. Very big discovery for me. 

A very watered down analogy: Walking 100 yards vs sprinting 100 yards, or punching a heavy bag 10 reps slow punches vs 10 quick reps.

When I do this, I of course feel a burn in my jaw muscles. But I also feel a significant burn in the tongue, specifically the back 3rd portion. And I almost feel the back 3rd creating natural upward force in a "Mew Position" (Im not thinking to do this, I am only consciously thinking to chew fast, but the upward force of the back 3rd is more or less a subconscious bi-product of fast chewing)

Quick note to make:  I do not know if this engagement/burn of the back 3rd is 1) simply from the fact that there are more reps per second or 2) Is it because the act of chewing fast changes the mechanics of everything and the tongue is simply performing a movement that is different in slow chewing. (Or of course a cause of both). Think walking vs sprinting. Sprinting makes you more sore because elements of explanation 1 (more energy or reps per second) but also makes you more sore because of elements of explanation 2 (hips are lowered, using the quads in leaning position vs upright, the motion is different.)

One last note: I found that my range of motion was (maybe) not as great with fast chewing as compared to slow chewing(maybe its the same, hard to tell). But with this potential difference in "range of motion" I will make a quick point piggy-backing off of explanation 2 above (different mechanical motion with slow chew vs fast chew). Think of push-ups where you stop half way up. You will feel more chest burn. Maybe this shortened range of motion is responsible for the tongue burn. I have also tried slowing down slightly (while still going relatively fast), so that I can do a larger range of motion and it also burned in both jaw an tongue but in a different way (hard to write about the difference in burn simply cause its hard to explain, I only did this once and it was hours ago. I will have to do more sessions comparing).

This fast chewing may be one of many causes for natural facial development, chewing food fast during primitive times, "snooze you lose". (Picture a pack of dogs eating)

PS/Edit: I remember Dr.Mew mentioned proper tongue development would allow one to work the jaw using mastic gum, without developing TMJ. The reason I am excited about my New Discovery(most likely a Re-Invention of the wheel), is that this might be a way to train the tongue and jaw in a way that allows perfect balance, allowing to build these without developing TMJ.

So that's it! .. I am very excited to explore more. Take a couple days to try it out and think about it, and come back to give your opinions. 

Topic starter Posted : 08/08/2021 7:30 am
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Interesting; I will try it out and see if there is anything to it. I've been chewing gum for 8+ hours a day for most of this year (for reflux, not for lookism) and my jaw has gotten noticeably more defined, so I do think that change is possible - this was after years of other chewing regiments, etc. that didn't really yield anything. At least as far as that is concerned, I think it's an example of usage being more efficient than absolute strength, since when I used the tough gum, it hurt, but I don't think anything really changed, even if I did it for an hour or two a day.

Posted : 09/08/2021 1:37 am
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@crimsonchin Nice, my mastic gum is coming in tomorrow. I will try chewing it and work up to many hours while keeping good head posture. 

Speaking of usage being important, I will start mew swallowing with water. Maybe a 10 min session daily to hold good posture(or maybe a more exaggerated one with the McKenzie Chin Tuck), and do tiny sips of water and hard swallow with the "cheesy smile swallow. Hopefully this will widen my molars. I automatically tongue press but my teeth stop me. As soon as I widen my molars, its game over! I will be able to step my mew progress to another level. 

But yeah get back to the forum for sure with you opinions on Fast Chewing! I appreciate the input

Topic starter Posted : 09/08/2021 5:33 am
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That actually makes a lot of sense. Matt Stonie is a competitive eater who chews really fast and has a well developed jaw. You might be on to something.


Posted : 22/01/2022 4:49 am