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natural overjet disappearing on one side  

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I have had this strange singular tooth becoming uneven for a while; i think ive finally found the cause of the problem, yet i dont know how to fix it.  The "natural" overjet of a few mm's between the top row of teeth and bottom row has gotten smaller on only one side of my mouth.  When i close my mouth the bottom row of my incisors will touch only the top left incisor, causing it to tip outwards and become crooked at an angle,  It has remained "wiggly" for around 4 months now.  However on my rightside my bottom row of teeth is at perfect occlusion and doesnt come in contact with my incisor whatsoever.  I used to rest my molars slightly together but in the past 2 months ive switched to slightly apart to try and solve the issue, but alas it has done nothing.  I do not push on my teeth whatsoever with my tongue and the only time my incisors meet is when im chewing.  But it seems like chewing alone is enough to do the damage, as the force of the bottom teeth against my top incisor makes it move/tip.

The only reason i could think of causing this is my slight midline discrepancy.  I previously for several months didnt have my tip of my tongue in the proper space, being skewed the one direction.  However i still got the normal diastema and it is now pretty much closed.  To correct this issue i consciously have to shift the tip of my tongue over, and i use my philtrum as a reference point instead of the incisors.  I think this is a possible cause but it doesnt completely add up, the bottom row of my incisors on the left are further in front of the right side (my normal side).  However even if this is the cause, why would it even happen in the first place, assuming i had proper tongue alignment and my rightside was being expanded as well.  The overjet would simply of been shortened on both sides instead of just my left.

What are your opinions/thoughts on this?  Should i completely stock using my incisors to chew since it will only force my tooth out of line even more until mewing hopefully sorts this issue out on its own? 


TLDR: mewing got rid of my natural overjet by pushing my mandible/lower row of teeth faster than my maxilla/top row grew forward on a single side? resulting in a only one of my top frontal incisors becoming crooked.

Posted : 10/06/2019 7:05 pm
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You’re supposed to have 2-4 mm overjet (not touching).  A US nickel width is 1.95 mm.

Posted : 14/06/2019 10:19 pm

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