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Nasal Airway Blockage While Mewing  

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I recently learned that when mewing, I've been failing to raise the root of the tongue and instead was only keeping the middle and tip portions pressed up. This is mostly because as my basis I was using a tip I've heard people throw around that the "ng" sound such as in "sing" will get the tongue into it's ideal posture, but at least for me, I now know it doesn't raise my root. If I understand correctly what the root is, it's a part of the tongue I'm able to fully raise such as when swallowing. After a while, I learned how to raise that portion when not actively swallowing and I consider myself to have pretty good coordination with it.

The problem is that when I lift the root of my tongue, likely due to recessed airways, it blocks my pharynx making it completely impossible to breathe through my nose. Lessening the pressure I can reach an equilibrium where I can breathe, but am stuck with heinously uncomfortable snoring/wheezing and moreover at that point I don't even have the root held up, just some part in between the root and middle tongue that I think applies pressure on some of the soft palate, but nonetheless is not the ideal mewing posture. 

I have reservations on whether an incomplete posture is enough for me to procure improvements. At least a sufficient amount for my airway to expand over time so that I can gradually lift more and more of the tongue. I've heard that some people seek professional help and implement the usage of palate expanders just to reach the point of actually being able to mew.  For those who've had this problem of not being able to breathe through the nose while mewing, what are my options? Do I need to seek professional help and use palate expanders? Can I fight through without them by gradually applying more and more of my tongue as the airway hypothetically expands from mediocre mewing? Can I assist this by intermittently holding my breathe and hard mewing the soft palate a few seconds at a time a bit each day? Anyone that has done this without palate expanders, how long did it take to finally be able to fully rest the tongue on the roof without suffocating?

Please help me go from lad to chad guys.

Posted : 17/11/2019 4:21 am

It took me almost one year of mewing to completely liberate my nasal airways. I know because I used to meditate from time to time and I remember being surprised at how my nose felt blocked despite mewing. But I wasn't chin tucking, so I never had optimal body posture, so that slowed down my progress.

Posted : 17/11/2019 4:58 am
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Yikes, I'll keep at it then and hopefully by a year it's cleared up. Though could you elaborate a little more? Was your airway well enough to begin with to where you could do it properly while sleeping? I'm a little worried that I'll have stagnant progress as I can't maintain posture during the night and fear any development in the day will be lost by morning.

Posted : 17/11/2019 8:29 pm


When I started mewing my nasal airways were extremely bad. I could barely breathe through my nose, it felt obstructed. So, I would say I probably mouthbreathed for some time while sleeping, but that didn't lead to any stagnation of my progress.

Posted : 19/11/2019 12:12 pm