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Mewing whilst chin-tucking ALL DAY? *EDIT: picture included

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Hello my fellow mewing comrades. I am a 24 almost 25 yo woman, and have recently started to mew correctly for approx 2 months, and semi mewing for 2 years now.

My routine is pretty straightforward: mewing all day (especially try to keep back tongue against back palate or throat, or however its called, almost to the point of having trouble nose breathing), and at the same time correcting that lovely forward head posture I've had for years. The thing is, I mew while chin tucking to the point of not being a normal posture, and I do it as often as i can as long as it aint in public (looks pretty silly).

My journey started off 2 years ago, and about 1 year ago I decided to get braces in order to expand my then very narrow palate. My ortho is very good, has understood my fears on maxilla retraction and so forth and assured me he would try to induce only positive changes.

So far so very good, my receded chin has never looked better (have an actual recessed chin, like a angled slope no chin at all. ITS NEGATIVE CHIN, not like most I see in this forum), it keeps having less of a recessed angle each month. Yet I'm not sure if it is due to my lately I noticed a lot of change these past couple of weeks the changes for me have been MONUMENTAL. Like really insane, I even notice men noticing me more than ever (used to pretty much get ignored), more cheeckbone, less longuish face. 

The reason for my quick progress can be because of my TAD treatment (to shorten midface and gummy-smile), though I'm talking weeks progress, and the TAD's I've had for months now. It can be because of the elastics used everyday (to close overjet bite), or it can be the whole mewing while chin-tucking many hours a day. No idea.

Has anyone got an idea as to the health risk of chin-tucking all dammed day, because so far i only get slight pain in my neck as i do this, like pressure pain also after tucking. Have you ever tried this method and seen results?

Thank you guys for reading, hope you have a lovely day!

PS: I never hardmew. I sleep without pillow and on my back if I can. I check gum some days. I want to post pictures but id rather wait until progress is much more noticeable in pictures. Weirdly enough I can clearly see changes in mirror, but the pictures are much much harder to spot how the chin angle has decreased. We will see...

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I'd like tho know more about The TADS.

Posted : 30/01/2019 2:21 pm
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Posted by: Freethemaxilla

I'd like tho know more about The TADS.

TAD's were placed on the top area between the first molar and the second biscupid, one on each side. A triangle elastic holding these teeth is pulling upwards towards the TAD, thus reducing the gummy smile I had to the sides and I'm almost certain helping rotate lower  jaw counter-clockwise. This is due to the palate being expanded and therefore making the upper gum less "tall". So now my upper arch teeth look a bit tilted outwards, and i imagine the lower arch will slowly expand as well due to teeth contact, letting the lower jaw close even more (or so I hope i will ask at the next appointment!).

TAD treatment lasted 2 and a half months, before my ortho and I decided to just maintain the height (I dont want my gummy smile to completely disappear, as it makes me look younger!)

Hope this clears things up a bit.

*Edit: Had to add some more in depth explanation just in case.

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