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Mewing Problems

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I'm 17 almost 18 and have been mewing for the past year and can fit my tongue everywhere but I have not made much progress, and I think it is because the back of my palate "soft palate" is too narrow for my tongue to fully take position. I have no idea how to make room for my tongue, but recently started forcing the tip of my tongue in the back whenever and as often and hard as I can. When doing this I feel a lot of force on the back and hoping for expansion, will this work? I need it wide enough for the back of my tongue then I can go all out. Any other DIY methods and advice which you guys can suggest to help this situation?

Topic starter Posted : 15/03/2019 5:33 pm
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Definitely focus on getting as much of the back of your tongue up as possible. Try doing McKenzie chin tucks along with a good mew push swallow at the same time. When I do this I can really feel it pushing up in the back and creating space. When you lift the back of your tongue up, check and see if your throat is lifting up. Try and use those muscles in your throat to help lift the back of the tongue up. Doing the very very cheesy swallow has really helped me to achieve this, or at least get better at it. This is when you do a cheesy smile swallow, except you raise your eyebrows up and make your eyes really wide, and then swallow.


I'm not sure that using the tip of your tongue to create space in the back is going to work. Unless you are sliding the tip of your tongue back and then squeezing the back your tongue between your back teeth. I do this sometimes.

Posted : 15/03/2019 5:54 pm