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Mewing doesn't work, chewing doesn't work, chin tucking doesn't work, face pulling doesnt work.  

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I have probably thousands of hours of research into human growth and development, and I've tried every trick there is known for almost 5 years now. I have not seen a single improvement, if anything it just made things worse. I now get dry mouth due to my tongue naturally going into the "mewing" position, which leads me to have cavities now. The final redpill is to eat lots of nutrient dense foods such as meat so you develop properly. Good facially developed people either ate nutrient dense foods while growing up or their parents were nutrient dense so they got lots of it from birth. This is called "good genetics". You dont need to force your tongue to go anywhere, your instincts know best and if you never mouth breathe (caused by having stuffed nose caused by having bad immune system caused by not enough nutrients)  you will develop the way you should.

If you truly want to improve yourself then you have to stick to the natural ways of life. Use your body the way it is meant and created to be used. Walk, sprint, swim, squat(no weights), pick up heavy rocks, wrestle/fight, eat meat/bone marrow/organs, be out in the sun for reasonable time depending on your skin color, and sleep as much as possible All natural human movements with optimal nutrient diet to achieve top genetic potential.


One day you will ascend. Dont give up

Posted : 11/12/2019 7:02 pm
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Have you tried getting sutures surgically split? What is your age?

Posted : 12/12/2019 8:39 am
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I don't disagree on him in the second paragraph (and he is kinda right about diet), but I have some doubts on whether or not he has been mewing for 5 years.

Any pictures as proof?

Posted : 12/12/2019 9:45 am

So mouthbreathing, having a forward head posture, crowded teeth, blocked nasal airways are the natural ways of life?

Posted : 12/12/2019 3:19 pm
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Posted by: @sweetprince

I now get dry mouth due to my tongue naturally going into the "mewing" position, which leads me to have cavities now.

Could you describe your oral posture in detail? This sounds strange.

Posted : 12/12/2019 4:02 pm
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If anything my mouth is not dry anymore due to Mewing.

Posted : 12/12/2019 6:50 pm

Progress it‘s  because he‘s sucking all the saliva away for the suck hold, then his saliva cant clean his teeth. I do the same thing. You just have to remind yourself to swish around ur spit after a meal to clear it off.

As for mewing not working, that meme is long debunked. I have seen multiple examples of NON mewing 20+ year olds who have improved their maxilla. 

Progress did it dude. Mewing works

Posted : 13/12/2019 3:15 am


This. Mewing was introduced years ago, in 2019 we should have already reached the point where the initial sceptical phase is long over. Mewing works, end of discussion. What many people fail to understand (especially people from forums like looksmax) is that mewing won't turn you into a model with a sharp 110 degree jaw , protruding chin or whatever. It will only improve what is already there. Say you have high cheekbones inherited from your parents, they become even more protruding. But if you have zero cheekbone protrusion there's no chance you will become the new Andreas Eriksen.

Posted : 13/12/2019 9:01 am
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Well yes. There's also the fact that people from the forums tend to think that they need all that to be successful and happy with themselves.

Even if they did achieve all that, they would want more and dig themselves into a deeper hole. I used to frequent on some of those sites and it was just bad for me mentally.

They have more problems than just their appearance, I'll say that much.

Posted : 13/12/2019 11:12 am
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I agree mewing doesn't work.

By itself. You need facial muscle control, better posture, and proper technique. Hint: proper technique for mewing isn't "pushing up on your palate as hard as you can" with the hope of moving the maxilla upwards. 


Posted : 13/12/2019 12:07 pm
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O pisss off Eddie. If I can‘t sit in bed all day watching anime while improving my cheekbones, then mewing doesn‘t work!   

now I can finally go back to ignorance and peace knowing that life is out of my control, good day!

Posted : 13/12/2019 6:25 pm


Yeah, well, I think many of us have been there. We knew something was wrong when we saw our side profile for the first time in late puberty. At least that's how it all began for me. Then I started my own research and I ended up on that one forum, you know which one. I absorbed their whole world view, then I said to myself that I was sick and tired of their toxicity and I left. It's a sad way of seeing the world, usually triggered by chronic loneliness.

Posted : 14/12/2019 3:47 am