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Mewing and TMJ

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First of all, I would like to thank you all for your help in my previous thread. I learnt a lot and its been extremely useful, so thank you. This is a slightly different topic though.

I suffer from really bad TMJ. Because of that, I have an uneven bit and one part of my palate is slightly higher than the other (uneven bite). If i were to mew, would it result in uneven facial development? 

That is to say, would the fact that I am pressing up against one side of my palate more than the other mean uneven facial growth from mewing? If this is the case, is it worth mewing for someone like me?

Thanks in advance.


Topic starter Posted : 21/05/2020 9:59 am
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Hey, i have the same thing, (asymetry, tmd etc) know your pain. You can mew but your technique has to be spot on.

You should read this first

Thats what i think (written 1h ago in different topic):

Lack of proper chin tuck is imo one of biggest mistakes ppl make in mewing. If you do it properly, its simplest thing you can do to get your jaws into proper position w/o tensing your lower jaw. On the opposite side, if you tense, you are up to TMD esp when hard mewing (in recessed jaw). Thats why molars in contact in cfd is bad imo. Its suboptimal occlusion in recessed jaw reinforcing bad pattern.

To be clear what i think works: proper chin tuck, relaxed lower jaw (you may have to jutt it if you have tmd/bad recession, thats a bit how biobloc 3 works), mewing (hard is best to expand upper jaw asap if you dont like choking yourself); ofc all of that w/o molars in contact, front teeths can touch if must. After expansion you lower jaw will swing to the upper one. 

Posted : 21/05/2020 10:11 am