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Mewing and Chin tucks destroyed me

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3 years ago I decided to do mewing along with mckenzie chin tucks. I made sure not to clench as I believed that all the problems people were facing were coming from clenching. That gave me a false sense of security. I was mewing with moderate pressure while holding a chin tuck position. Something then spasmed near the hyoid area and suddenly the muscles in my neck came under pressure. My throat muscles started choking me. This then shifted in to my masseters and temples and I started feeling this liquid feeling from my jaw joint area moving down in to my antigonial notches. My antigonial notches then started growing(possibly calcification?). My jaw was under constant pressure and could not open. My head masseters and temples never let up, 24/7 pressure. My head feels like it's in a vice grip and I believe the pressure has deformed my bones. Then I started to get pressure moving down in to my sternum and chest. I'm getting episodes that feel like cardiac arrest constantly. Torturous. Then my stomach and bowels stopped working correctly. I developed gastroparesis which is when the muscles of the stomach and intestines are paralyzed. I started getting nerve pain in the back of my neck, burning and zaps which moved down my back and around my abdomen. At one point I thought I was having appendicitis and almost got surgery but the ct scan came back fine. Finally I started getting this horrific feeling in my brain as if it was infected and being eaten. The depression is horrific, I can't let my emotions out it is like I'm stuck in a cage. It is like I'm being eaten inside with no way to stop it. The muscles in my face are stuck and painful that I can't cry so I feel like this nightmarish doll stuck in hell. For the past 3 years I have been surviving these problems but I'm deteriorating. I really have no options but to end my life at this point. I had to tell my story to warn others of what can happen. It's not worth engaging in this activity. It is not tested, it's not safe and the potential consequences can be devastating. Let my story be a cautionary tale.


Additional info: This happened in under 3 days. I am chronically sedentary, most likely my bones, ligaments and muscles were all extremely weak. I did it in bad/awkward posture. I have a high pallet, I don't know if this happened after mewing or before but I suspect I always had it. I had impacted canines at the time that I got removed later hoping it would ease these problems(it didn't).

Topic starter Posted : 22/06/2022 1:00 am
ayla mao
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Mate I don't mean to be rude, but it seems you have some psychological issues you need to work on. Mewing is nothing more, but a component of proper human posture. There is nothing experimental about it.

Posted : 22/06/2022 1:02 pm
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There has been a lot of obviously fake manufactured anti mewing propaganda spreading around the internet over the last couple of months. It's usually throwaway accounts typing nonsense like this to try and scare away people from trying to improve themselves. Probably discord trannies being bored again.

Posted : 02/07/2022 1:30 am


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