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Measuring tongue and lip strength  

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has anyone looked into this topic yet? I was looking at IOPI medial company that has a device that lets you measure  force exerted by tongue and lips. I was thinking to measure my  tongue and lip strength and compare to some of my better looking friends with a more forward maxilla. it would also be good for tracking measurements over time to see improvements


Posted : 15/10/2018 9:27 pm
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The only thing that matters is getting your tongue stronger than it was before. The first thing you should be worrying about is strengthening the tongue through some means like bands or whatnot - worry about the relative metrics later

Posted : 22/10/2018 12:56 am
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Posted by: AloeVera

How do you strengthen your tongue?

Power mewing

Posted : 23/10/2018 7:13 pm
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Posted by: AloeVera

How do you strengthen your tongue?

Tongue chewing

Posted : 24/10/2018 4:23 pm


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