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Make sure that you have a good body posture  

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Unbelievable how important good body posture is.

I'm currently trying to get the perfect body posture, and god, only changing my posture, also changed the way how im swallowing, breathing etc.

I'll share here my "body posture routine".

Edit : Of course also the position of my tongue at rest. I now believe that body posture is probably the most important aspect to obtain fast results.

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Posted : 10/11/2018 8:28 am
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This video was very helpful to me for changing body posture .Improving body posture will boost your confidence instantly .

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For sure, in my case my face started growing downwards after I couldn't move much due to joint pain and I lost my muscles and developed a poor posture. At 14 I looked great, now at 18 I'm pretty damn ugly. 

My problem is though, I still have the joint pain and it's pretty much impossible to build the muscles that would promote a great posture. My walking looks kinda weird, my hips are swinging from side to side when I walk.

And honestly, I think the main reason why hunter gatherers had so well developed faces was more because they moved around so much and had a great bodily posture, and not just because they ate hard foods even though that surely played a role too. 

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