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Is chewing worth it?  

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I'm really not sure if i'd like to increase my masseter size (which will probably happen if you would chew hard gum for about an hour every day, as recommended by Mike Mew) as i fear it would just make my face look more bloated instead of making my jaw look more aesthetically pleasing and sharp. Masseters tend to give off a roundish apperance when enlarged, taking away from the angularity of the jaw.

I personally used to have a more angular jaw before mewing and upping my hard food intake than i do now at times it seems e.g. And i fear that more masseter hypertrophy could further worsen this; making me hesitant to start chewing hard gum. 

I'm conflicted on this matter since chewing is said to speed up results if i'm not mistaken, along with most people that had great facial results chewed aswell (but did they really get that much more significant results in terms of the maxilla and bone structure? or is this just an illusion due to added masseter hypertrophy aiding in overal facial appearance change). On top of that there are also studies supporting the claim that chewing improves upswing i'm pretty sure. But those masseter bulges though... What to do, what to do.

Now the thing that also further makes this difficult for me is that masseter muscles don't atrophy easily (or so i've heard), compared to how easily they can hypertrophy; so if you've hypertrophied them you're basically kinda stuck with them being that size unless you do something drastic in terms of your diet (only drink stuff, nearly no chewing, botox e.g.) or probably be very patient after reducing the amount of chewing back to what you used to do, so no gum chewing or more hard foods for example

(although if you're mewing (especially hard mewing) your masseters will probably automatically have a new slightly larger appearance with or without added chewing as a default)


Is chewing really necessary anyways? Are there any exclusive benefits that only chewing will grant and not mewing + chin tucking + proper posture? 


Thoughts on this? Is chewing worth it?

Posted : 01/04/2019 6:51 pm
lil nut
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after i chew a crap ton my lower third bloats up, even the cheeks. You kinda get chipmuck cheek (except on a way less noticable extent) for about a day or two. After giving my face a break my cheeks return to normal. many poeple report this its a side effect but usually the cheeks atrophy, but i get slightly bloated only when i've been chewing mastica for hours at a time. if youre chewing noraml gum dont expect any bloating that stuff is too soft. chewing can also help you with keeping your mouth close becasue of the resting muscle tone.

youre right when you say that masseter muscles dont atrophy easily but your cheek muscles do so yes at least for me its worth it


Posted : 01/04/2019 10:33 pm
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I think if we view mewing as getting back to the way that your body is supposed to be, then of course it's worth it.

Everything I've read so far suggests that chewing is necessary in the mewing process. Not only do most of us have weak tongues, but we also have weak jaws. It's not just poor tongue posture and mouth breathing that leads to poor facial development, but also the lack of spending time chewing hard foods. All the best transformations I have seen have preached about chewing tough gum.

I know it's easier said than done, but I would trust the process somewhat, and not be critical of what you immediately think is going on with your face. Lots of people who have made progress in mewing didn't like the results immediately, or had people telling them they looked weird, only to reflect on the change later and realise that they had actually achieved exactly the result they wanted.

A strong jaw and a strong tongue are both essential to proper mewing.

- Mewing for 6+ months
- IMW: 35mm (no expansion)
- Sleep on the floor without a pillow
- Tape mouth at night
- Continue to emphasise chin-tuck/occipital drive for extended periods
- Chew Mastic Tears for 1 hour every other day

Posted : 02/04/2019 7:32 am
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What if my facial development hasn't been that bad though? I have never really been a mouthbreather and am only here to optimize the facial shape i can achieve since i'm kinda vein like that (health benefits being a nice bonus though for sure!), i never had any major flaws (didn't have them yet, although it was going there slowly). Point being: i might not really need chewing? Along with that, i have no problem with keeping my jaw shut while mewing or sleeping, so aside from perhaps faster upswing and muscle hypertrophy i don't see much of a point to it. That's why i asked if there are any exclusive benefits to chewing compared to just doing mewing + proper body posture + chin tucking won't give.

I've been thinking about doing chewing once every other day for about 15 minutes and to stop it all together if i feel like i'm overdevelopping my masetters (which at this point might not be that hard for me, so i'd optimally not have any extra / very little hypertrophy if that's possible with this routine like with the reddit poster i stole this idea from). Just been thinking about it, and still not completely sure since i've actually had alright results with just those 3 things i mentioned before (aka everything aside from chewing).

I don't want to end up like Mike Mew to be fair (no offense Mike), he has a too square-like appearance to me and in my honest opinion overdevelopped masetters and i'd like to keep my zygos wider than my masetters cause i deem it more aesthetically pleasing. I'd like to keep it all angular and slightly triangle like. Overdevelopped for me translates to masetters overtaking zygos in width.


But anyways i'll ask again in case anyone knows: Are there any exclusive benefits that only chewing will grant and not mewing + chin tucking + proper posture? This is a very defining question for me in regards to chewing yes/no for me.

Posted : 05/04/2019 12:53 pm
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If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. 

Posted : 05/04/2019 3:23 pm