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How to straighten wisdom teeth if they are currently impacted? And can mewing make your wisdom teeth painful?

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Hello all,
Has anyone had any luck getting their wisdom teeth (3rd molars) to come in straight? I currently have all 4 wisdom teeth impacted to some extent ( like others on this forum I'm sure). I am 25. My top 2 wisdom teeth are poking out of my gums slightly, but they are definitely crooked/skewed. My bottom 2 are not poking out ( I have seen on a panoramic X ray they are basically horizontal so they are below the gum line). 

My question is, can I still save my wisdom teeth and avoid extraction at some point? Or is it that since they are already crooked, it is too late to have them come in totally straight? I would like to avoid extraction of them at all costs... I understand that the bottom 2 may be too late to save, but I was hoping since the top 2 are at least poking out that they can eventually come in straight (over 1-2 years or more, I don't expect instant results).

Here are the options I think.

  • 1. Find a way to combine perfect tongue posture, or get palatal expansion, and hope that I get enough forward and transverse growth to allow my wisdom teeth to come in right.
  • 2. I read about some kind of procedure that will use a spring on your wisdom teeth pushing/pulling on your other teeth to straighten out the wisdom teeth. However, this may only work on early-stage wisdom teeth, like before age 20, or it could only work on partially impacted teeth but not my lower 2 that are totally horizontal. 


We all fall into 3 categories of how wisdom teeth come in, although there is overlap since most people have some variability. This determines if we need them pulled or not.

  • 1) The people with enough space who have the teeth come in straight.
  • 2) The people with some space who have them partially erupt.
  • 3) The people with barely any space whose teeth stay under the gums and never erupt.

I am a bit worried about mewing, which I have done for about 3 months. I never have had any wisdom tooth pain before, but in the past few days I am feeling a bit of soreness around my partially-erupted wisdom teeth. What if mewing and expansion causes my wisdom teeth to move enough that they start causing pain or get infected and need to be removed? This is 1 small defect of mewing, since when the wisdom teeth erupt, they are more likely to get infected. Has anyone gone from crooked to straight wisdom teeth? Thanks everyone.


Topic starter Posted : 12/03/2019 3:26 am
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Hi @MagnusOpus

I am going to bump this question for you adding my personal touch 😉

I am 25

After ~6 months of proper posture my two top wisdom teeth started to erupt.

Coincidences? I don't think so (yes, probably)

Is there any chance wisdom teeth can help maxilla forward growth if I apply expanding forces with the tongue All over the palate? Maybe I can make room for them too...

I know It may be a risk to the let them grow... 

My idea Is that if they hopefully grow correctly I can use them to expant the back of the palate even more, giving me more cheeckbones definition.

It sounds so stupid...

Additional info:

-I am currently performing a good lip seal

- I have a classe 3 malocclusion with an overjet/overbite and openbite ("what?!" .Yes) . Maybe I'll draw a diagram later


Here is a very simple diagram

The upper arch is behind the mandible arch , but it is narrow and elongated due to tongue thrust (wrong swallow and speech pattern), so it can't close the bite

my idea other is to push the maxilla forward and use good lip seal to push front teeth in. Maybe in this way I can expand the arch allowing it to close correctly, but I guess I have to increase its pitch too...

Posted : 14/07/2019 1:38 pm
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Hello, how are your wisdom teeth right now? Are they erupting straight or are they impacted?

My main question is if my wisdom teeth are currently impacted and I am 26... will they ever be able to straighten out? Or will I get expansion, but despite this they will still be impacted? Thanks.


Topic starter Posted : 08/01/2020 6:52 pm
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I took xrays and discovered that i have ho wisdoms.
Maybe I managed to push the maxilla forward leaving a gap between the end of the upper arch and another bone, giving me the illusion wisdom teeth were erupting

Posted : 09/01/2020 2:01 am