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How to move and rotate the temporal bone for mandibular growth and remodeling  

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After lots of research from other thread and anecdotal evidence that the temporal bone is the key bone to unlock CFD along with the Maxilla to get full changes in the craniofacial complex. One notable change that the temporal bone does is that creates new growth or remodeling on the mandible since it’s has direct connections to it. Where as it’s not connected to the Maxilla. It seems that if we can get the temporal bones moved externally outwards, it would make the mandible wider but also move it forwards with the maxilla. 

Which is very interesting considering that most successful mewers like Hemstrubl or Astrosky got drastic changes in their face. They both mention of strengthening the digastric muscles, which has an connected to the temporal bone - mastoid bone process. Also Astrosky mention about it when try to get the posterior tongue on the roof at all times. So we should be trying to workout our hyoid and neck muscles with the tongue to strengthen the digastric muscles to have a stronger effect in the soft palate. which leads the maxilla arch to be longer and have the posterior dropped and decompression of the the TMJ joints that leads to the ramus lengthening as well. 

Lastly, I do also want to mention that fixing head posture is extremely important and people need to fix it!!! If we don’t have good posture of our head and body, no amount of mewing can you give you results. Also that the temporal bone is connected to the occipital bone as well. So there could be a correlation to that neck muscles these bones as well. Remember to fix your posture and habits and achieve your potential 😉. Happy Mewing 😃

Posted : 28/10/2020 11:43 pm
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