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how long did it take u guys untill u made mewing a habit

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by a habit i mean, doing it without paying attention & even while sleeping.

Topic starter Posted : 29/03/2020 9:36 am
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Posted by: @helpmeplease

by a habit i mean, doing it without paying attention & even while sleeping.

By the end of first week of starting to mew, I could keep the tip and middle of my tongue stuck to the palate indefinitely. I always tried (still am trying) to hard mew from day one by pushing upwards (now itʾs more upwards+forwards), by the way.

My right wisdom tooth fully erupted which was sore to the touch of my tongue during the process, midpalatal suture split and formed a slight, teensy diastema within the second week (was really worried about it back then). The suture split was (still is) visible from photos and I could feel the split with my tongue and even after 2.5 months, the split and diastema is still there. (I think it would've happened already in the first week but I wore the retainer at night during the first week and only stopped during the second week so that must have undone my daytime progress a bit.)

Getting the bottom third up was the most difficult part. I couln't even lift it separately until I watched Astro Sky's video on doing it. Not a big fan of him personally, but that video was excellent. After getting the posterior third up, started mewing as usual and I don't feel my molars like I used to, most likely because the palate expanded during the first month to accommodate the tongue properly. Even after 2.5 months the bottom third is not easy to keep up 24/7, especially when I'm asleep so hopefully it gets easier in the coming months. Hope this answered your questions.

Posted : 29/03/2020 1:45 pm
max iller
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it took me a few months at least to start waking up with my mouth shut and my tongue up. it's taken me just over a year to start mewing symmetrically and really feel my aveolar ridge along the edges of my tongue. If I pull my tongue a little further back in my palate I can feel and push on my wings of sphenoid, the tip of my tongue can poke around on the soft palate if i want to. my left wisdom tooth has erupted partially, nothing on my right. Which makes sense considering I was mewing with a bias, due to my palate being too small for my tongue.

Posted : 29/03/2020 4:27 pm
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I am still learning the habit even after almost 2 years of mewing. Mainly because I mewed ineffectively with the wrong technique for the first year. There are also likely so many different techniques to this mewing so you may find in a few months you will do something different with the tongue and mandible. Nowadays I soft mew when awake without thinking of it but at night my mewing becomes non existent. I have a much better mewing technique thanks to @EddieMoney. As a class 2, I jut my jaw forward so my insciors lightly rest on top of each other alined with my midlines. The canines and molars do not touch. I then suction the tongue to the pallet. I push forwards on the incisive papilla and outwards on the molars. Time will tell if this is working but it feels like its doing a lot more than any of my previous techniques have. I do find it a pain in the bloody tongue doing this.

Posted : 29/03/2020 6:16 pm