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Bottom left/right wisdom teeth are in. Top left wisdom tooth is in. My top right wisdom tooth hasn't erupted! 

1. How can I check the right wisdom tooth condition? Example: horizontal/vertical/etc.

2. Are we 100% sure palatal expansion will help wisdom teeth erupt?

3. If I'm not expanding fast enough should I get a palate expander?

That's all I want to know. Please help. I really don't want to get extractions. It goes against everything I believe in.


Background info: I've always been kinda attractive with a fairly wide face as a child. Hard apples were my favorite. Around 14-18 years old I became very sedentary. My face narrowed a lot and I was no longer getting as many girlfriends. I think around 18 or 19 I discovered facial posture and it worked beautifully. Also I started sleeping on the floor and never sat in chairs. I got girlfriends and some girls didn't even know it was me. I suddenly had a ramus and hollower cheeks. But I never did it perfect 100%. my lips pursed a lot, my jaw slacked sometimes and clenched, my tongue moved all over. I worked on neck/chest posture barely. I used a jaw sleeping strap. But I swallowed perfectly [Rude Language or Insults are not tolerated]. As time goes on like Mike Mew said the inner U and outer U will change according to your actions. Im 22 and now I clench like crazy 24/7, leave my lips closed and relaxed, and my tongue loses it's posterior position nearly 24/7 but im still pushing on the first 2/3 hard. Im a bit more body posture focused now too like the neck. So Im a little different then when I started but IM Definitely better looking than when I was 17. I hope this gives an idea of my potential, achievements, and effort (I haven't sat in a chair for years, Im on the floor in a yoga position typing this.)

I thought I should also add I dont use a pillow, recently stopped wearing shoes, and my teeth/palate click/pop all the time

Posted : 19/10/2019 12:49 pm
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Very interesting history of your face. What do you mean by sedentary? You'll need an x-ray to see your wisdom tooth. I'm guessing it's impacted. If it's impacted then you'll have to remove top right wisdom tooth, it will create asymmetry. Ask your dentist if they can help you.

Posted : 20/10/2019 6:24 pm