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Forum members who had DNA appliance speak up :)  

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I am interested in getting the DNA appliance and while reading the forum I managed to find many posters who mentioned having the DNA appliance.

I think that it will help everyone on this forum if such posters will write about their aesthetic results from the appliance. As this is a professional appliance I am sure that most of you have the before and after measurements of your Inter Molar Width, if you have other measurements post them as well. Before and after pics are welcomed but not mandatory as I am sure most of you care about your privacy.

please also post results if you are still in progress or even if you didn’t have any results at all and are disappointed in the appliance (this is actually as or even more important than successful results).

I will try to organize the results so we have some sort of index for future people who are interested in getting the appliance, such as myself now.

I can also post similar topics where we collect data on other appliances such as Alf or FAGGA.

I think these sort of topics can bring a lot of value to this forum as currently the data here is kind of incoherent. 
I will try to look for posts that I already found of people who have or currently in treatment with the DNA appliance and post them here. 

So let’s start helping each other and move away from bro science and random posts here and there 🙂

- Age: 30
- Started soft mewing on 12 Feb 2019. Have not seen any real results or changes.
- Starting IMW: 35 mm
- Current IMW: 35 mm

Posted : 04/11/2019 9:53 am