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Facepulling using thumbs. Experience? Advice? Theory?  

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hi, I’ve been reading about facial expansion/facepulling by using your thumbs to push the palate upwards and forwards. This is done by placing one or both thumbs on the palate, and pushing upwards while head is held forward and elbows on a table. Anyone have experience with this? Are there dangers? Does it work?


Posted : 23/09/2018 8:25 pm
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Seems a waste of strain/effort when the tongue is the primary tool to use for expanding the palate and directing the face more forward. I tried it and it seemed pointless. If you want something a step up from just normal mewing, try face pulling gently with some object attached to your teeth.

I have a detailed guide (it's in my signature) on a fairly good, long-term face pulling measure involving a plastic bag and pulling from your teeth that's not really dangerous (I've been doing it somewhere like 6 months so far and zero problems). It helped with cheekbone/ogee curve and improved the "melted" look I had really bad somewhat, along with mewing/chewing. Still not ideal, but a step ahead at least.

You can spread the tongue across the palate while doing this pulling method and combine lateral/anterior force. It's an arduous process though since it's 6 months I'm talking here, but done hours nearly every single day with no breaks and proper teeth anchoring with the bag/force/steady tension intervals/etc.

I also can't guarantee it'll work the same on anyone else either.

** The face pulling "bag method" -- **

** Keengo Chin Tuck method w/force (WIP)-- **

Posted : 23/09/2018 9:19 pm SupremePirate69 liked
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I think the whole idea of this is that your using your thumbs to put extra force on the palate, force which cannot be generated by tongue alone. 

Posted : 23/09/2018 9:23 pm


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